Donnie Wahlberg loves the Monster cereals, but not as much as we do!

Famed star of Blue Bloods (and, yes, ok, member of that NKOTB band that will be touring again shortly) threw Twitterland a BubbleTweet the other day of him and his morning crew eating Booberry, Count Chocula, and Frankenberry (click click click). Thanks, Donnie!

And for your trick or treating pleasure, here’s US eating the same stuff:

That was my first time *ever* meeting NYCWD in person. We’re NATURALS!

The Mama!!!!! :)

X didn’t know me then, but he knows me now and I freak him OUT because I’m in his brain.

BOO BERRY Razzle Boo Blitz Fruit by the Foot

    If the video embedded above is not viewable, you can see it at these other fine video sharing sites: YouTube, Yahoo and Metacafe.

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Cereal Wednesday: Count Chocula Cereal

Introducing the special guest… The Witch!!!

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Cereal Wednesday: Franken Berry Cereal

Special thanks goes to X… who by the way ladies is single and available and contactable through MySpace!!!

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Cereal Wednesday: Boo Berry Cereal

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