Familia Swiss Crunch Müesli

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Yes, kids, today’s cereal *is* from Switzerland, “where müesli comes from!” Familia Swiss Crunch Müesli Roasted Cereal Clusters with Strawberries and Raspberries (yup, that’s the whole name) is a granola based cereal has the delicious taste of strawberries, raspberries, a hint of coconut, and the super secret ingredient packing a big punch: hazelnuts!

Swiss Crunch Müesli has a great crunch, holds up through the sog, and stays super fresh in its resealable foil lined bag. The real pieces of fruit make this cereal an extra treat.

AND IT HAS SPELT yet is delicious and gets even better with each bite!

The nutrition information breaks down as follows:

Deductions for having to open with scissors and for being high in fat while low in vitamins and minerals. Kudos for taste, a pretty bag, good fiber, good protein, good whole grains, and not sogging out!

Taste: Delicious coconutty granola with yummy berries
Box opening: The bag required SCISSORS
Bag rippage: None, since I had to use scissors
Bag slippage: It never slipped out of my hand…
Sog factor: Perfect crunch throughout its time in the milk
Allergy alert: Soy, sesame, and wheat

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  1. Creature SH says:

    Oh my goodness, it’s a MÜSLI! And it’s actually GOOD! Müsli is exactly what those Seitenbacher guys usually do, too, but considering their spelty offerings that you so aptly recalled, one might want to skip that one. Point goes to the swiss!

    And yes. I did dance.

  2. It pleases me that you danced. What else would you do for 20 seconds of dead air? :)

    This spelty cereal was super yum. I am bringing it to work to have as a snack.

  3. YUM! Want!!
    (I didn’t dance. Cat in the lap prevented it.)