Chocolatey Crunch

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Aaaaaaand, we’re back after a small Spring Cleaning of the Cereal Wednesday abode! It’s so *clean* in here!

Quaker Oats again delivers yet another Cap’n cereal, this time in the form of Chocolatey Crunch. It’s just like the original Cap’n Crunch but with real cocoa. Unfortunately, that cocoa is really dull, really mediocre, really uninspiring, except in the milk where it takes on a nice chocolate milk flavor.

Chocolatey Crunch does have seven essential vitamins and minerals at 30% or higher. Low in protein and fiber never bodes well, and Chocolatey Crunch suffers this fate. Also, there are a lot of artificial coloring dyes and there is BHT to preserve freshness, which your common sense gut tells you are just not great for you. The rest of the nutrition facts are as follows:

Not enough to make Poppy happy with this one.

The box does offer a word search, but that’s not enough of a draw to increase my overall enjoyment of this boring cereal.

Taste: Like regular Cap’n Crunch in a lackluster cocoa coating
Box opening: Not hard
Bag rippage: None
Bag slippage: *zoop*
Sog factor: Stayed crunchy while the bowl was consumed
Allergy alert: None listed

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  1. Creature SH says:

    WOOHOO, you’re back!

    … And went kinda Kinski for a moment there in the beginning. Huh.

    Looks like the Cap’n is once again delivering what comes down to breakfast candy from the chemical kitchen. Oh well, They can’t all be winners.

  2. They cannot all be winners. Well said.

    Natasha Kinski? Yah, probably not.

  3. Creature SH says:

    You mean Nastassja? Almost. One generation earlier. Was referring to speech patterns.

  4. Ahh, thank you for the corrected spelling. I knew that wasn’t right, but Google wasn’t showing me the correct spelling.

    I had to google Kinski speech patterns. I think that might be a compliment.

  5. I totally wouldn’t have eaten that – something about chocolate in the morning skeeves me out. Well, except for maybe, a chocolate milkshake!
    Twitter was a very captive audience for a while there! Sooo cute!