Post Alpha-Bits

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Somehow, in all of the years that Cereal Wednesday has existed, we have neglected to review Alpha-Bits. Time to remedy that!

Post Alpha-Bits is a sweetened oat and corn cereal with 11 essential vitamins and mineralss and the building blocks for healthy brain development.

And it’s educational. Each morsel of cereal is a letter of the alphabet, so you can spell words to your heart’s content! Especially since it takes a very long time for the cereal to sog into mooshy mush.

Since Post Alpha-Bits has been around the block a few times and then some, we’ll go old school with the write-up and give you some history. Alpha-Bits first arrived to the cereal shelves in 1958, but lost its way into our spoons in 2006 when we were on a “no more sugary cereals for kids!” kick. In an effort to conform to the change in consumer taste Post introduced sugar-free Alpha-Bits in 2008, but later the same year returned in its original form with all the yummy sugar a kid (and a kid at heart) could ever want.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, an original commercial:

Ahh, the good old days, when “sugar sparkles” were considered good energy for kids. ABC-DEELICIOUS!

Ahh, the great new days, when Post doesn’t give you a toy but instead free admission to Six Flags! Happy riding, Cereal Lovers!

Taste: Sweet! And oatie.
Box opening: It ripped.
Bag rippage: It didn’t rip.
Bag slippage: None.
Sog factor: It didn’t sog out during filming.
Allergy alert: Manufactured on equipment that processes wheat.

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  1. Creature SH says:

    Cereal Wednesday really is at its best when it’s the both of you. Not only do you each bring your own style and emphasis, your interaction really elevates the whole thing.

  2. I personally agree with that statement. It’s tough to find us both with the same free time and desire to be on camera eating cereal.

  3. Wooooooooo! Dawg dishes out a 5-bowler! Bravo for Alpha-Bits!

  4. So, alphabits is one of my faves. Have you had clifford crunch from cascadian farms? it’s great! also, can we do a tribute to the no longer available krispy kritters? I absolutely LOVED that when i was a kid. maybe a history lesson on retro cereals. did you know that cap’n crunch is offering a retro t shirt right now?