The Smurfs Cereal – Limited Edition

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And here is the main attraction of our Cereal Wednesday drive-in double feature which Poppy carelessly edits to give you dead air at the start. At least you get to stare at NYCWD. We know you wanna.

The Smurfs Cereal is a limited edition Post product being marketed while the new Smurfs movie is in theaters. The cereal has such a short shelf life that Post doesn’t even bother to add its nutrition information to their site, but the smurfs are crawling all over the Post site and when you click them you get brought to the Sony movie site. Because when I’m trying to find cereal information I want to be brought to a movie site that has absolutely no information about cereal whatsoever.


But, I digress! Let’s talk about taste. The Smurfs Cereal tastes like Fruity Pebbles on sugar steroids. It’s delicious! And the white flakes tame the sugariness of the blue flakes ever so slightly so that your mouth can only be pleased by the sugar shock within it.

Somehow this sweetened rice cereal doesn’t sog out in the normal amount of time it takes to eat a bowl, but… if you do let it sog out you get blue milk!


Just the smurftastic nutrition facts, Ma’am:

The Smurfs Cereal is low on fat and protein, decent on vitamins and minerals, high on carbs, super sugary… Yup, a kids cereal!

If you love Fruity Pebbles and you can find this cereal on your store shelf, buy a box of The Smurfs Cereal and enjoy.

And, just to emphasize one more time: Painter Smurf is from a Happy Meal, not from the cereal box.

Taste: Fruity Pebbles
Box opening: No trouble
Bag rippage: No rips!
Bag slippage: None
Sog factor: It sogged out nicely, oddly enough.
Milk factor:The milk did eventually turn blue. It just took 15 minutes. YAR!
Allergy alert: No allergens listed

    Cereal Wednesday Bowls:
    For more information about The Smurfs Limited Edition Cereal visit the Post website.


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  1. Exactly what parts of the Smurfs was used to make that cereal, and did Anderson F#cking Cooper do a live shot when the cereal went on line for sales? (had to have seen the Robot Chicken Smurf blurb to know the reference!)


  2. I like the old Smurfs best…and the cats. The cereal looks pretty good too. :)

  3. Ooh! I kind of liked Cupcake Pebbles, so I want to try these!

  4. Blondefabulous, torso and pants.

    Mom, we are definitely related. :)

    Dave2, Cupcake Pebbles was just my prediction. It ended up tasting just like Fruity Pebbles, actually.

  5. Creature SH says:

    With all due respect, revered hosts… I’m not going to go see any movie that stars Kate Perry doing… anything. Or those CGI abominations. I’d rather watch more of the two of you.

  6. I want to try this so bad it hurts :(