Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs

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In today’s Cereal Wednesday we’re going healthy and sugary in a double feature. Why? Well, you might notice in the Kashi video that I mentioned Georgie’s birthday! And then you’ll notice in the Smurfs Limited Edition Cereal video that the cereal corresponds to a movie in theaters right now and you can only get its cereal for a very short window of time. And, um, also, we have 17 cereal items on the cereal shelf at home, we might as well double up once in a while. 😉 So, here goes…

Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs is a slightly dusty natural puff cereal containing buckwheat, triticale, rye, hard red wheat, barley, oat, brown rice, and sesame. This pleases me because I feel like I’m actually eating something that my body needs rather than junk food my body just absorbs because it’s forced to. I felt a healthy cleansing euphoria after eating this cereal, no lethargy from added sugar.

Here’s the total nutrition breakdown, for your reading pleasure:

With no added sugar and lots of great whole grains… Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs is good for you! Yay!

I remain confused about the carb count, although perhaps there is fiber from the grains that isn’t being counted in the total. But, honestly, please stop being confusing with math. Math is logical. You can’t magicalize math! Give us an accurate count of things! The lack of vitamins and minerals sitting around in this cereal gives Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs a slight half bowl deduction, but otherwise it is splendiforous!

Taste: Tastes like unsugared puff wheat
Box opening: Easy
Bag rippage: None
Bag slippage: It didn’t slip out, but a lot of dust particles flew in the air when I tipped the box
Sog factor: Parts of this cereal NEVER sog out, other parts sog out perfectly.
Allergy alert: Contains wheat

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  1. You actually ate a fair amount of triticale in your toddler days when I was a member of the food co-op and baked a lot of interesting bread.

  2. No wonder I love it so much! :)

  3. Creature SH says:

    I apologize for the late commenting in this action-packed week… I was unfortunately occupied without web access.

    Is it just me or is the charming host’s attitude tilted a slight hint more towards cocky (in a good way) this week? Interesting!

    And that cereal? I have to find out if it’s sold outside the USA at all, because if it tastes like you make it sound, I’m all over that stuff. I mean, it’s got sesame!