Raisin Bran Extra!

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Contrary to my previous Raisin Bran review, I actually like Raisin Bran. It’s a product that marries cereal and fruit together for some morning goodness. Tastewise I would normally give Raisin Bran 4 bowls, but 4 years ago their special offer was the absolute suck and my review of it reflected that.

Here in the present day I have taken on the challenge of Raisin Bran Extra! with the focus more on the taste than on the deals the corporate mongers try to use to entice you to their wares. Raisin Bran Extra! adds cranberries, almond slices, and yogurty clusters to the traditional mix of bran flakes and raisins. I honestly enjoyed the addition of the cranberries and the almond slices. They added a nice additional flavor to the raisins, slightly sweetening the spoonful with some added texture.

The yogurty clusters on the other hand… overkill. Besides the fact that I don’t generally like yogurt in anything I eat, unless it’s frozen, these clusters were just the complete opposite of from the rest of the cereal… like little plastic pellets in a sea of natural ingredients. What’s worse is they over sweetened the cereal and dominated the flavor profile.

Nutrition information:

Taste: Tastes like an over sweetened bowl of yogurt with bran flakes on top
Box opening: Easy
Bag rippage: A gaping hole worse than the hole in the ozone layer
Bag slippage: Total slippage
Sog factor: It sogged quickly as expected
Allergy alert: Contains wheat, milk, soy, and almonds

All in all, I give Raisin Bran Extra! 3 bowls. One bowl for the raisins, cranberries, and almond slices. They definitely lose a bowl for the yogurty clusters turning it into a bowl of candy and they lose a bowl because, well, the corporate mongers can’t even have a suck deal to offer!!!!

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  1. The integration of Twitterbean and Ripley are a nice touch to the awesome ness that Cereal Wednesday is.

    Yogurt only belongs by itself. Maybe some granola mixed in with the yogurt. But clusters, I’m with Dawg here.

  2. Raisin Bran is one of my most favorite cereals ever, there for it is my most missed of cereals! I could do with out the nuts and yogurt, but the cranberries look good! That must be what Twittah was eating!!

    PS- Love Ripley’s 1000 yard stare at the end!

  3. Not a fan of the Raisin Bran, but wanted to say Hi Dawg! Good to see you.

    I’ve never seen Twitter try to eat the cereal before, even though she’s in every episode. Is Daddy the sucker in the family? 😉

  4. Creature SH says:

    Hey, it’s the return of the king! Smooth routine indeed.

    This cereal seems like something I would enjoy. It seems to have a heavy müsli edge, which I appreciate, and I’m not opposed to yoghurty bits, either.

  5. It’s so much fun to see you on camera. Thank you for doing this cereal, since I knew I would hate it. I guess we can feed it to Twitter, she seems to love it! :)