Trader Joe’s Oat n Wheat Bran Swirls

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Today’s cereal is so good that I saved the leftover cereal from my bowl, wrapped it in Cling Wrap, and put it in the fridge for later.

Yup, I’m talking about Trader Joe’s Oat n Wheat Bran Swirls. Something with the word bran in it is my even newer favorite cereal! Why? Perhaps because it tastes amazingly like cinnamon with an undertone of coconut. Perhaps because it’s the consistency of a cookie. Perhaps because it is an all natural cereal that doesn’t taste like crap.

Actually, it’s most definitely all of the above.

These little cinnamon bun shaped patties are filled with fiber, fat, and protein, and each one is as big as my nose, and yet they taste delicate and light. NYCWD thinks they look like poop, and he’d be right if poop were piped through a cake piping bag, but it generally isn’t, so this looks like yummy cinnamon bun cereal to me. 😉

Trader Joe’s Oat n Wheat Bran Swirls nutrition and ingredients as listed:

All Trader Joe’s products, including Oat n Wheat Bran Swirls, promise:

  • NO artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives

  • NO genetically modified ingredients
  • NO MSG
  • NO added Trans Fats

And yet they don’t even promise YES to flavor filled and delicious!

No vitamins and minerals to really speak of in Trader Joe’s Oat n Wheat Bran Swirls, but that’s because it’s au naturel. That means “naked” in French, but I just mean “all natural”. 😉

Taste: Tastes like a yummy cinnamon-coconut cookie!
Box opening: Easy
Bag rippage: None
Bag slippage: It didn’t slip out, despite not being connected at all to the box.
Sog factor: It sogged perfectly, adding an extra awesomeness to the cereal.
Allergy alert: Contains wheat, wheat bran, and soy; made on equipment shared with milk, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts

And since sometimes you actually do like one child over the others, despite any flaws…

    Cereal Wednesday Bowls:
    For more information about Trader Joe’s Oat n Wheat Bran Swirls re-read this post, because there isn’t more. But to find out where to buy this cereal visit the Trader Joe’s website.


I am a true Cereal Avenger, providing my honest opinion of each cereal product you see pass my lips.


  1. I so wish we had a Trader Joe’s. Love that place.
    Karl´s last blog post ..What is the Sound of One Hand Clapping?

  2. Creature SH says:

    Ominous Poppy is ominous!… Okay, not really.

    Hm, that’s definitely just cookies. Then again, most cereals aren’t really better for the health than cookies, anyway. So this is more honest— sort of.

    I have to agree with Dawg, though. It does look kinda poopie, Poppy.

  3. Alas, no Trader Joe’s in my neck of the woods. Boo.
    Megan´s last blog post ..Marbled

  4. Frank Murphy says:

    Can Oat N Wheat Bran Swirls be ordered online from anyone?

  5. Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s does not sell their products online and according to other answers on the Internet you can’t get individual stores to deliver to you either. Your best bet is probably to ask a friend or family member who lives near a Trader Joe’s to mail you some of this cereal, or visit a destination that has a Trader Joe’s and bring some home.