Nature Valley Chewy Granola with Yogurt bars

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Nature Valley® Chewy Granola Bars with a Naturally Flavored Yogurt Coating are a traditional chewy granola bar with a yogurt bottom.

The newest variety packs include a blueberry variety, but my box of bars was lacking the blue in the red, white, and blue motif, so you get Switzerland. (That makes more sense if you know what the flag of Switzerland looks like. I don’t mind waiting if you need to go look that up.)

The vanilla version of the bar was absolutely like wallpaper glue looks like it would taste. The strawberry version was like fireworks in my mouth. Talk about a world of difference…

And since I mentioned how hard it was to read the box, here’s what I was looking at during the video:

That’s the *full* size of the box, and that’s the crazy hard to read ingredients list.

Deductions on Strawberry for allergens and the box being hard to read. Even more deductions for Vanilla for being straight up awful.

    Vanilla Bowls:
    Strawberry Bowls:
    For more information about Nature Valley Chewy Granola with Yogurt bars visit Nature Valley.


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  1. Creature SH says:

    You’re back! That calls for a (( ))!
    The findings of the review are not terribly surprising, but warmly re-affirming.
    What the hell is wrong with that font they used? Are they trying to make sure that no robot buys this?!

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