Cinnamon Chex

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Cinnamon Chex is a gluten-free rice based cereal from General Mills. It contains both traditional Rice Chex and cinnamon coated Rice Chex to balance out the cinnamon flavor. The cereal packs a serious real cinnamon punch without being overly sweet from added sugars.

Nutrition details for Cinnamon Chex are pretty decent:

Not enough fiber for my taste, and it annoys me to no end that this product that’s safe for those who are gluten intolerant isn’t also safe for those who are peanut or lactose intolerant. I won’t comment on my take of why we have so many allergies these days since I have no scientific data to back it up, but it definitely does occur that someone who needs a gluten-free diet also needs a peanut-free or lactose-free diet.

Both NYCWD and I like Rice Chex very much, so it’d be tough for rice-based Cinnamon Chex to not be highly rated. I deducted for lack of fiber and the allergens. NYCWD can stick his “whatever” where the sun don’t shine, because the fact remains that the cereal deserves its deduction.

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  1. Creature SH says:

    Always good to have my mind blown by FULL HOSTING TEAM POWER.

    However, as great as the cereal might be,I have to agree with Poppy’s point on the allergen front. It’s kind of trap-py with the peanuts, and that’s just not right!

    PS: Has Ripley gained weight lately?

  2. I think they seal their bags so tightly to keep it fresh and keep out gluten contamination. Any item I buy that is gluten free has been wrapped up with in an inch of it’s life!! I like the gluten free Honey Nut Chex!!! I’ll have to try this one!

    PS- A lot of manufacturing plants have had to process more than one type of cereal lately because of the economy.(having to shrink their fiscal net, so to speak.) Staying in business is key right about now, so I can’t fault them on that, but also, they should try to make the effort to work on getting the cross contamination eliminated!
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  3. Just found your website, love it haha! Im such a cereal fanatic as well!

  4. Linda Fast says:

    My Aunt upon returning from Florida brought me 2 boxes of the Cinnamon Rice Chex. It is absolutely the best cereal I have ever had. I wish it was sold in Canada.