Honey Nut Chex

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Honey Nut Chex is a gluten free cereal offered to us by General Mills. Its honey flavor is from actual honey, while the nut portion is from natural almond flavor rather than almond slivers directly in the cereal. The Chex is a perforated pillow of corn, perfect for letting the milk sink in to activate the sweetness. The honey flavor is very prominent while the almond flavor… uh, there’s almond in there? Yah, not so noticeable.

The cereal was a so-so sog for NYCWD but for me it tasted like I had tablecloth material in my mouth, coated in a bunch of sugar.

How about the nutrition? Let’s take a look:

The carbs in Honey Nut Chex are from corn meal and whole grain corn. If the corn meal is purely corn then this is how the product is gluten free, meaning it is free from wheat, barley, rye, malts and triticale or added to the ingredients under the guise of “maltodextrine”, “dextrine”, and “dextrose”. Low on fiber and protein, decent on vitamins and minerals, and this is our gluten-free friend’s favorite cereal so it must actually be gluten free or she’d complain a lot more often that her tummy hurts.

Taste: Tastes like honey
Box opening: Easy
Bag rippage: None, but HARD to open
Bag slippage: Not glued in
Sog factor: The sog made the squares taste like tablecloth
Allergy alert: Contains almond

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    For more information about Honey Nut Chex visit the Chex site.


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  1. When I got the hard diagnosis of Celiacs, I has a LOT of my favorite cereals cut off from me. Raisin Bran, Golden Grahams, Frosted Mini Wheats, Lucky Charms….. all banished from my pantry shelves! :( When GM put out their gluten free line I was soooo happy. Finally, a cereal I could enjoy! Because they have sought out the approval of CDF in the manufacture of this product, I can say with a bit of certainty that it is properly made to be gluten free. I agree with the bag being a pain in the rump to open, but I hoped they did that to keep it fresher since most modern preservatives are derived from wheat byproducts. I also never have to worry about the sog factor because it never stays in the bowl that long!! Yay for gluten free reviews!!
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  2. This has become my husband’s favorite cereal since he’s gone gluten-free. Thank goodness they have a gluten-free line because Mitch loves his cereal!
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