Rice Krispies Treats® Chocolatey Crunch Mix

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Rice Krispies Treats® Chocolatey Crunch Mix is a new snack item by Kellogg’s. It contains Rice Krispies Treats® clusters, mini chocolate chip cookies, cocoa balls, fudge covered pretzel twists, mini pretzel twists, and cocoa buttons.

To say that this snack resembles Rice Krispies or its Rice Krispies Treats® dessert is a bit of a stretch to my tastebuds. The Treat is dry, and the ingredients lists supports my theory that real marshmallows are not involved whatsoever in making the Rice Krispies Treat® cluster. There’s no marshmallow listed. What’s in a marshmallow? Gelatin. That’s its binding glue. And there’s no mention of gelatin, animal or vegetable variety, in the ingredients list. No glue equals dry, unenjoyable “Treat”. Even the Rice Krispies Treats® sold by Kellogg’s as a to-go snack specifically list marshmallows in the ingredients list.

The cocoa ball tastes like Cocoa Krispies, which are yummy. The fudge covered pretzel is kinda to die for and if they want to sell me a whole bucket of those I’ll have to politely refuse so that I don’t grow 10 dress sizes (as if I wear a dress, but you know what I mean). The cocoa buttons I could do without. The mini pretzel is neutral for me, just kinda filler. I forgot the cookie was even in there, so it’s not memorable, other than the fact that each cookie is sliced in 2, probably to prevent a choking hazard.

And the nutrition information…

Oh, my it seriously lacks much that’s good for you. No vitamins and mineral percentages worth mentioning. No fiber. Hardly any protein. Whole grains are mentioned, but half the carb count is sugar. This is purely a treat, no value to a well balanced diet.

I adore Rice Krispies.

I adore Rice Krispies Treats®.

I adore the fudge covered pretzels in Rice Krispies Treats® Chocolatey Crunch Mix.

I way less than adore Rice Krispies Treats® Chocolatey Crunch Mix.

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  1. Creature SH says:

    Hey, I like both of you as hosts! Particularly when it’s, in fact, both of you.
    I also appreciate all the research/background info you did/provided on this.
    It’s just unfortunate that it’s all about a less-than-satisfying product.
    (Sign me up for chocolate-coated pretzels, though!)

  2. I dunno what you’re talking about… I found this to be delish!


    And that’s with a capital Y dontcha know!

    NYCWD´s last blog post ..4-733-280 Minutes

  3. This is not something I would want to waste my 110 calories on. I am very fond of the host though. Sorry to hear NYCWD isn’t feeling well.