Special Edition: Christmas Crunch (take 2!)

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If you’ll recall, back in December 2007 NYCWD risked his life trying a box of Christmas Crunch that was 4 years past its sell by date. This time our good friend Blondefabulous sent us a fresh box all the way from Florida where Christmas Crunch is abundant.

Christmas Crunch is a limited edition holiday cereal by Quaker. The cereal is corn and oat based and contains cute holiday shapes in red and green. Christmas Crunch tastes like the sweet corn crunchies and even sweeter colorful balls of Crunch Berries, only EVEN BETTER.

Here’s the pesky nutrition information:

NYCWD and I loved the cereal so much that we disregarded the lack of nutritional value and gave it a bowl rating that no other cereal will ever achieve. YUM! And now we have breakfast for Christmas morning!!!!

Thank you, Blonde! MUAH!

Taste: Like Christmas deliciousness!
Box opening: Easy
Bag rippage: None
Bag slippage: None
Sog factor: Tastes better with age
Allergy alert: No allergens listed!

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  1. OMG so Awesome!!! I am laughing at the awesomeness of this! And you named off my derby team too!!!!
    I am so glad that you guys liked the cereal! I hadn’t seen the first Cereal Wednesday where the 4 year old box was awful, so putting that snippet in the beginning really helped me see where you guys were coming from.

    PS- I purposefully used the fuzzy ribbon instead of a bow because I KNEW Twitterbean would love playing with it! (OK, Fluffy helped me a little with that one…. :)!!!)
    Blondefabulous´s last blog post ..Baking

    • Oh… and I forgot to mention that the oat flour will be an allergen to Celiac sufferers. They don’t list it on the box, but it is. (I ate it anyway!)
      Blondefabulous´s last blog post ..Baking

  2. WANT! Though I haven’t seen it locally. Sigh. Maybe next year…

    • We never see it locally either which is why we are dependent upon our super fans to sniff it out for us.

      Also, apparently check Target, because supposedly they carry it now as well which makes total sense… because you would never expect to find food in a food store!
      NYCWD´s last blog post ..4-733-280 Minutes

  3. Creature SH says:

    I really, really like this episode. Having both hosts in it is always a treat, and this one is a lot of fun, with the little intro and all. Also, the preview picture is just delightful!

  4. That was a Christmas AWESOME! Loved NYCWatchdog saying his greetings… too funny!
    bubblewench´s last blog post ..Fat and lovin me!

  5. Love some Christmas Crunch. Merry Christmas, you guys.
    Karl´s last blog post ..Thanks for the Movembories

  6. I love Christmas Crunch. Thanks for bringing it back.

    I love Dawg’s response after opening the package.

    Merry Christmas to you two (and to Twitterbean, too)
    martymankins´s last blog post ..A Year Long of Cheek and Gum

  7. Lavonne Trevino says:

    That was a Christmas AWESOME! Loved NYCWatchdog saying his greetings… too funny!

  8. I’ve never eaten it, but I always enjoy seeing the two of you!
    Merry Christmas, Poppy and Dawg!!!
    Sybil Law´s last blog post ..Who doesnt love parentheses!

  9. You guys are great! You make me hungry!!!


  10. This is absolutely adorable!!! You two are so cute. Go Twitter!
    Poppy’s Mom´s last blog post ..Sailing Away on a Dinner Plate