Nutter Butter 100 Calorie Delight Bars

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Nutter Butter 100 Calorie Delight Bars are a Nabisco snack product being solid in the cereal bar section of the cereal aisle. They are tiny bars of overpowering (to me) cinnamon cereal topped with delicious Nutter Butter peanut butter then coated with a peanut butter candy shell. As you can tell from my reaction, I couldn’t get over the addition of cinnamon to these bars, so I wasn’t very pleased with them.

Also, the nutrition facts for Nutter Butter 100 Calorie Delight Bars leave much to be desired:

…except the fiber. Thank goodness for the plant product cellulose gel that helps fat to stay low and fiber to stay high in foods with tons of flavor.

Also, allergens listed on the package: peanuts, soy, wheat, and milk. And the even finer print that I didn’t notice during my review: manufactured on equipment that processes tree nuts, egg, and sesame seed. Yaaaaaaayyyy… *thud*

    Cereal Wednesday Bowls:
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  1. Creature SH says:

    Less than 30 seconds in, and I’m already impressed by how you rattled down that product name.

    Can’t really go wrong with peanut butter and cinnamon in my book, actually. I find it hilarious that they’re trying to sell this as “light”, though. It’s a friggin’ cake!

    Also, good to know that you survived!

  2. I like Nutter Butter cookies, but I tend to avoid most of these 100 calorie labeled items for fear they kept it to 100 calories by removing the taste.

    At only 2.5 cereal bowls, I may have to just stick to the actual Nutter Butter cookies.
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  3. I’d rather just have the cookies. If I’m going to be ‘bad’ and eat sugar, cookies are way better, and I can’t see cinnamon and pb together either.. doesn’t sound right.
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