Fruity Waffle Cereal

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Fruity Waffle Cereal is a Hannaford store brand cereal that looks like candied mini-waffle and tastes almost exactly like Froot Loops. But, surprise! It’s actually pretty healthy for you!

Fruity Waffle Cereal is low in fat, high in fiber, a decent source of vitamins and minerals, and packed with natural fruit goodness. Unfortunately, its first two ingredients are sugar and the not-really-awesome carbohydrate corn meal. BUT there’s no high fructose corn syrup and the ingredient list does go on to mention whole grain oat flour and wheat!

Hannaford kind of forgot to add the nutrition information for this product to their site (there’s a nutrition panel there but all the values are blank) so I scanned my cereal box to show you:

Bag slippage, neglecting to mention soy as an allergen*, and a low protein count are in Fruity Waffle Cereal‘s minus column. Also, corn meal as the main carbohydrate to hold the cereal together doesn’t thrill me. The plusses of it tasting like Froot Loops without sogging out and having really great fiber, low sugar, and good vitamin and mineral amounts while using natural fruit flavors AND having the cutest mascot ever totally outweigh the minuses. Also, where I bought this cereal it was only $1.99 (everyday price!) for a 12 ounce box.

*I contacted Hannaford about this oversight, have yet to hear back.

Taste: Almost exactly like Froot Loops!
Box opening: Fine
Bag rippage: A tiny bit hard
Bag slippage: *kerplunk*
Sog factor: Perfect sog, not too little and not too much
Allergy alert: Contains wheat and soy

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  1. $1.99? I’m impressed. I can’t get generic that cheaply.

  2. Creature SH says:

    This seems like a very pleasant surprise for a generic brand. I actually prefer the milk to remain unsweetened these days – I like the contrast.

    Unrelated to the cereal, I can’t help but notice that the charming host of the show looks particularly good today. Don’t know why. Just does.

  3. I was totally ready to dismiss this cereal… until I saw your review! :-)