All-Bran Strawberry Medley

A high fiber cereal that tastes good during the sog phase?! NO WAY!

Well, actually, YES way. Kellogg’s All-Bran Strawberry Medley is that cereal. Its fiber actually comes from wheat bran instead of the scary chicory root extract that we’ve discussed before. This cereal is an excellent source of fiber at 40% of your daily value per 1 cup serving.

There are actually apples in addition to the dehydrated strawberries contained in All-Bran Strawberry Medley so before the sog the wheat bran, wheat, and strawberry-apple flavors are VERY BIZARRE in your mouth. It’s just … too earthy with a shot of too fake at the same time. Once the milk does its merrying of the flavors it’s perfectly balanced as a wheaty strawberry mouthful of yum.

Nutrition facts:

Be careful if you currently don’t get enough fiber and want to use this cereal to help you reach your daily value. Ramp up slowly or risk the horrible gastric pain of too-much-fiber-at-once-itis. It hurts, a lot! For the one in five Americans who already get your daily fiber: Good for you! I’m very proud of you for that! You should try this cereal too!

Deductions for the fake-out on oat clusters, hard bag opening, complete bag slippage, and the vitamins and minerals needing to be added to the cereal. But, hey, WOOT to fiber and protein tasting yummy!!!!!!

Taste: Before the sog it’s earthy-fake, after the sog it’s strawberry delight!
Box opening: Easy
Bag rippage: Very hard
Bag slippage: It fell allllllll the way out
Sog factor: Perfect sog, not too little and not too much
Allergy alert: Contains wheat

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  1. Seriously… I would have never guessed!
    Dave2´s last blog post ..Sleepytime

  2. Creature SH says:

    My notes for this week:
    – Twitter’s attempts to figure out what you’re doing remain really entertaining
    – Enough sugar for three types of candy
    – Heehee, fartybran
    – What if you eat it daily without really enjoying it?
    – Sogged-up taste improvement? That is not Sparta.

  3. Yay! Finally one I might actually try! Thanks for being our guinea pig. :)
    Sybil Law´s last blog post ..Short and Sweet