Donnie Wahlberg loves the Monster cereals, but not as much as we do!

Famed star of Blue Bloods (and, yes, ok, member of that NKOTB band that will be touring again shortly) threw Twitterland a BubbleTweet the other day of him and his morning crew eating Booberry, Count Chocula, and Frankenberry (click click click). Thanks, Donnie!

And for your trick or treating pleasure, here’s US eating the same stuff:

That was my first time *ever* meeting NYCWD in person. We’re NATURALS!

The Mama!!!!! :)

X didn’t know me then, but he knows me now and I freak him OUT because I’m in his brain.


I am a true Cereal Avenger, providing my honest opinion of each cereal product you see pass my lips.


  1. BooBerry is one of my Halloween traditions. Well, for the last handful of years anyway. And thanks for letting me know that Donnie Wahlberg eats them, too. That’s so cool. Katie and I are junkies for Blue Bloods. My respect level is enough right now to forgive him for NKOTB. 😉

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane with the videos.
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