Nature Valley Granola Thins Dark Chocolate vs. Peanut Butter

Nature Valley Granola Thins are new product offered by General Mills. Two flavors are currently offered, dark chocolate and peanut butter, so I decided to pit them against each other in a battle of less than epic proportions.

In both cases the granola itself is chopped up into tiny crunchy delectably pieces, so crunchety crispy that it seems like they pan fry the granola on one side to sear it. Obviously they don’t do that, it’s not a steak, but there is a very nice crunch on the top. On the bottom is the layer of flavor: dark chocolate which was super melty and tasted way more like milk chocolate to me; and peanut butter which was creamy without being melty, super rich and delicious in its perfect balance of sweet and salty. I enjoyed every bite of the peanut butter thin. A dark chocolate thin will certain do in a pinch when I have no peanut butter thins at my disposal. Or maybe I’ll give them away to NYCWD who adores dark chocolate. :)

The nutrition information for both is kind of abysmal, which is truly unfortunate because I can’t give it my full thumbs up in approval, but here’s the 411:

Dark Chocolate Granola Thins

Peanut Butter Granola Thins

    There are lots of allergens, be super careful with BOTH flavors if you have any allergies.

      Dark Chocolate Cereal Wednesday Bowls:
      Peanut Butter Cereal Wednesday Bowls:
      For more information about Dark Chocolate Granola Thins please visit the product page.
      For more information about Peanut Butter Granola Thins please visit the product page.


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    1. oh wow – I *have* to find these!!
      .-= Sheila´s last blog ..I Can Admit When I’m Wrong =-.

    2. Creature SH says:

      Dark chocolate and peanut butter? Two of my most favorite tastes in the entire world! Although, milk chocolaty taste makes it less appealing. (Thank goodness), so peanut butter would probably win in my world, too.

      PS: I hope that your back is going to feel better soon!

    3. Mmmmmm…. Dark chocolate. Sign me up!
      .-= Kapgar´s last blog ..Do you know your enemy =-.

    4. ann griffiths says:

      I cannot find these n.v. granola thins anywhere!!!!!!!

      • I had to go to New Jersey for them, so I understand the frustration. Amazon sells them, but they might only offer a 6-pack of any given flavor (as in, 6 boxes of dark chocolate). Very expensive. It’s funny how hard they were pushing them via commercials on TV but they’re so hard to find a lot of places.