We love our fans!

Today we received what can only be described as our best comment ever from a fan named Mike to our Cinnabon post:

Oh that Mike, he so fuunnny

Clearly he misses us since we’re on hiatus until the first Wednesday in September, so I figured I’d give a quick shout-out to our number one fan:

We miss you, too, Mike! And all of our adoring fans. 😉

Until September, and beyond, really: Have a good one!


I am a true Cereal Avenger, providing my honest opinion of each cereal product you see pass my lips.


  1. PS – Comments have been disabled on the Cinnabon post so that you all don’t go crazy there, but feel free to post your enthusiasm here if you like! <3

  2. Creature SH says:

    Noooooooo! Don’t feed the troll! Ah, too late.
    Good to know that you have fans on Bizarro World, though.

  3. What the hell?? Seriously. What is wrong with people?
    .-= Shelli´s last blog ..I’m a Big A Chicken =-.

  4. Poor, apparently skinny, health food eating -only (assuming) Mike. Maybe if he ate some junk food cereal he wouldn’t be such a judgmental, douchebag prick.
    Probably not, though.
    Some people just suck at life. Mike must be one of “them”.
    .-= Sybil Law´s last blog ..My Awesome Jonas Brothers Review =-.

  5. Some people senselessly lash out at others because of shortcomings in their own life.

    Sad, really.

  6. I would write a deeply analytical comment… but I’m too busy putting mustard on my fingers so I can eat them.

    Hot dogs… nomnomnom…
    .-= NYCWD´s last blog ..An Open Letter To The NYC BlogHer10 Attendees =-.

  7. This guy makes me want to rescind my vow not to hurt stupid people any more.
    .-= whall´s last blog ..Anticipation =-.

  8. This guy should have his “Mike” revoked. Mikes are nice people, dammit!
    .-= LeSombre´s last blog ..Geez I’m Old =-.

  9. It’s nice to know how great you two are to your fans. Thought for the day: “Bitterness and an unforgiving spirit can be likened to you taking poison and
    expecting that someone else would die from the effect.”
    .-= Poppy’s Mom´s last blog ..Heart Breakers =-.

  10. My mom is the wisest person in the universe. Love that quote, Mom!