Chocolate Chunk Hazelnut Biscotti granola

Chocolate Chunk Hazelnut Biscotti granola is the “generic” brand sold by the superstore conglomerate Target. It’s an Archer Farms cereal, but there is no independent information listed on the web about this cereal, it’s only shown as associated with Target directly.

Chocolate Chunk Hazelnut Biscotti is big on chocolate and oat flavor. There are definitely big chunks of hazelnut in there but they still have their skin on so it’s an odd flavor in comparison to a hazelnut with its skin removed. Makes it taste kinda like an almond. Don’t get me wrong, I like almonds, but hazelnuts aren’t supposed to taste like almonds. (Ask any Belgian, they’ll tell you.)

Nutrition (or lack thereof) facts:
Archer Farms Chocolate Chunk Hazelnut Biscotti granola

Nowhere on the web did I find the listing of ingredients in image or written form, so I took a crooked picture of the back of the package for you!


Yay for rolled oats, milled rice, and whole oat flour! High in fat and calories, low on vitamins and minerals, decent on fiber, whole grains, and protein. A good flavor, but very dangerous for people with allergies since there are so many allergens listed. Bonus bowl for cool packaging with a flip-top freshness closure.

Taste: Like a granola bar
Box opening: Excellent
Bag rippage: No bag!
Bag slippage: No bag = no slip!
Sog factor: Slimy coating on an otherwise still crunchy cereal
Allergy alert: Contains hazelnuts and soy; may contain other tree nuts and wheat

    Cereal Wednesday Bowls:
    For a little bit more information about Chocolate Chunk Hazelnut Biscotti please visit the Target website or go directly to a Target store for the entire enchilada.


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  1. Creature SH says:

    First of, that t-shirt is indeed awesome. I like how it combines the girlishness of the modern unicorn with the viciousness of the original myths. Helps that it happens to be on a damn pretty girl, but that’s beside the point.

    This cereal comes off a bit like mad libs gone food.Really, who decided to stack this stuff like that? Personally, I see this one more as TV time candy, really. Should work fine as such, especially with the packaging of tomorrow, today! (Which is good, because, seeing how unhealthy this stuff is, one might not get to see tomorrow)

    Final note: Cat owners are apparently psychic about pet proximity. Good thing to know.