Total Plus Omega-3s Honey Almond Flax

Total Plus Omega-3s Honey Almond Flax is a new cereal from General Mills. It’s really very different in texture from Total cereal, but it smells and tastes the same. This cereal was pretty boring to eat, nothing stood out about it, and it’s more exciting in written form than it was in my mouth, so let’s get right to the written stuff:

Total Plus Omega-3s Honey Almond Flax nutrition information

Total Plus Omega-3s contains 10% of the Daily Value of ALA (Alpha-linolenic acid) and 100% Daily Value of 11 vitamins and minerals. High in fiber and protein, a little high on fat.

If you live to eat you probably won’t enjoy this. If you eat to live, this is a great cereal for you to add to your nutritious breakfast rotation.

Cereal companies: Please use glue to hold your bags in and also please don’t afix coupons over the visual of your product, we like to see what we’re buying!

Taste: Dull and healthy, with a hint of honey and almond
Box opening: Good
Bag rippage: None
Bag slippage: Totally into the bowl (no cereal name pun intended)
Sog factor: Soggy fluffy pillow cases
Allergy alert: Wheat and almond; may contain milk

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    For more information about Total Plus Omega-3s Honey Almond Flax please visit their site.


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