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Have a cereal or cereal related product you want us to review? Drop us a comment. If we haven’t reviewed it yet and can actually get our hands on it (and it’s actually eatable/edible) we’ll try it!


I am a true Cereal Avenger, providing my honest opinion of each cereal product you see pass my lips.


  1. There’s a cereal you guys haven’t tried?!!
    .-= Sybil Law´s last blog ..update =-.

  2. Poppy and friends-
    I just wanted you to get a heads-up on the new Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal commercial. I think they are totally stealing your idea! Not sure if you have seen it yet, but it opens with a lower than normal quality “video” with the word “Blog” in the corner. A woman (about your age) is opening the box of cereal and going to “blog” about the taste. She shows the cereal to the camera (just like y’all do). Then she takes a bite and promptly falls over in her chair (supposedly bowled over by the taste?).

    The point is that they are ripping off your blog idea! You at least need to get royalties or something. I tried to find the commercial on the internet, but have been unsuccessful so far. Not sure why General Mills felt the need to replace the adorable cannibalistic animated “crazy squares” anyway.

  3. Hi Lori, thanks for the heads up. I saw the commercial (or, probably the shorter version of the full commercial) last night. We’ll just consider a flattering imitation of what we do. :) General Mills does like to read our site so I would not be surprised if they intentionally angled the commercial from our site, but we don’t consider this a negative. I love that you came over to tell us, though! If you see other cereal stories, commercials, news, or flavors that are exciting or controversial please come back and let us know!!!