Cinnamon Just Bunches

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It’s Wednesday! You knew that. Tell you something you don’t know? Oh, ok. POST NOW HAS CEREAL WITH JUST BUNCHES! NO FLAKES! WOOOHOOO!

Who would have thought all that talking in my head of “gee, I wish they’d just serve us the Bunches, since the flakes really don’t taste like much and don’t really add anything exciting to this cereal” would result in a new cereal?! Post Cinnamon Just Bunches are a very granola-y cereal. Super heavy like Grape Nuts, but that’s because it’s super good for you. If you’re climbing a mountain or doing a long distance jog I definitely recommend bringing this cereal with you as a boosting snack. Even without milk this cereal is going to do its breakfast, lunch, and dinner job of giving you that energy kick you need.

And now, the facts:

Post Just Bunches nutrition information

Super crunchy, super tasty, super good for you, Cinnamon Just Bunches loses just half a bowl for tough bag opening.

Taste: Like a lightly cinnamoned granola bar!
Box opening: Super tough
Bag rippage: None
Bag slippage: None
Sog factor: No soggies!
Allergy alert: Wheat and milk

    Cereal Wednesday Bowls:
    For more information about the cereal please visit the Post website.


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  1. Creature SH says:

    Allow me to start this comment off by remarking that the beloved host looks particularly charming today. (Great hair, by the way!)

    Now, for this cereal… I’m almost glad that it’s probably not available over here, because I would friggin’ inhale that stuff. I mean, cocaine would have nothing on it. And then I’d try to find more orifices to stuff it in. Want. that. hard.