Quaker Oatmeal to Go: Brown Sugar Cinnamon

Happy Cinco de Mayo, kids! Let’s hit the bar… the cereal bar.

Quaker Oatmeal to Go is a breakfast cereal square that packs a nutritious punch. Not only is it heart healthy, but it’s high in fiber and is chock full of vitamins and minerals.

There’s just ooooone small problem: It tastes even healthier than it actually is. And not in a good way. Brown Sugar and Cinnamon flavor? I couldn’t really tell because all my tongue tasted was FIBER. You’re not really supposed to taste fiber. You’re just supposed to have it so that it keeps you regular.

So, what’s actually in this cereal to make it taste so… interesting? In the list of ingredients you’ll find whole grain rolled oats, oat flour, rice flour, corn flour, soy and soybeans, barley, wheat, and … ah, yes, oat bran! So, how does that break down nutrient-wise? Let’s take a look:

Quaker Oatmeal to Go

The box says 210 calories for a 1 bar/60g serving, but the website says 220 calories. QuakerQuaker! Hello! Accurate calorie count, please! I bet this is another “how do we count fiber? I dunno, let’s just guess, fudge the calories, what does anyone care anyway? 210, 220, whatever it takes” kinda deal. (Yes, I did just make an obscure and incorrectly quoted reference to Mr. Mom. Such a great movie.)

High on fiber, questionable on taste. If you like gnawing on warm tree bark this will be your favorite on-the-go breakfast bar. Points for being healthy, portable, and heatable.

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    For more information about Quaker Oatmeal to Go please visit their website.


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  1. Creature SH says:

    “healthy-tasting”… hm!

  2. Have you tried the Breakfast Cookies? Oatmeal Chocolate Chip… mmm. But not really healthy.

    Is the cholesterol in this from the egg? Does all that fiber balance it out?
    .-= Finn´s last blog ..Diptych Eighteen: Glee =-.

  3. I like these bars a bit too much especially when nuked about 10 sec. Good to go. A lotta calories though;220 a bar. Can’t quite imagine tree bark tasting that good. Then again,I’ve never munched on tree bark to be able to make that association. These are good.
    .-= kara´s last blog ..Newman’s Own Sweet Enough Vanilla Almond =-.