Cupcake Pebbles with Colorful Sprinkles

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Welcome to Wednesday! Today’s cereal is definitely kid-friendly. But is it Poppy-friendly?

Post Cupcake Pebbles is a new flavor on the market and boasts of being the first cupcake cereal ever. It smells like very delicious vanilla frosting and its rice flakes have brightly colored sparkles. Unfortunately, its flavor is sickeningly sweet and it sogs out in a very peculiar way, like you’re eating super thin slices of radish. Who wants to think they’re eating radishes when they’re supposed to be eating cereal? (Poppy is not raising her hand…)

And now, the nutrition facts:

Cupcake Pebbles

This rice-based cereal does have some added vitamins and minerals to make it slightly healthy for you, so there’s a whole bowl for you right there. It focuses specifically on its 25% RDA of Vitamin D. The problem as I see it is that it’s missing its dietary fiber and its whole grains. Also, would it hurt to throw a few more grams of protein in there? I know, I know, this is a typical scenario for this genre of sugary cereals, I just wish I could eat my cupcake and have it too.

Post gets props for the party in a box concept. You can make a cake with the Cupcake Pebbles using a recipe on the side, then there are placecards and a Pin the Tail on the Dino game on the back. Also, the front of the box itself would make a great addition to the party, it’s so vibrantly colorful.

Cupcake Pebbles unfortunately loses points for texture, overly sweet taste, and bag rippage.

Taste: Unfortunately not like its vanilla-frosted cupcake scent, and waaaay too sweet.
Box opening: Easy
Bag rippage: Split down the side
Bag slippage: It should have slipped but it got lucky
Sog factor: Sogged out in a very unpleasant way
Allergy alert: No allergens! And it’s gluten-free, probably by accident.

    Cereal Wednesday Bowls:
    For more information about the cereal please visit the Post website.

    Special thanks to Mew for sending us another cereal to review! <3


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  1. I liked the first five boxes I tried… but the taste got tiring by the sixth box. :-(
    .-= Dave2´s last blog ..Rockzo =-.

  2. If you say it’s too sweet, I’m not even gonna try it. My teeth hurt just thinking about it.
    .-= Finn´s last blog ..Diptych Seventeen: Urgent =-.

  3. Creature SH says:

    This seems like an all-around grade-a kids-ruining product.