Chocolate Cheerios

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Today let’s talk about Chocolate Cheerios. This is a new flavor of the very popular General Mills breakfast cereal. Remember when we were kids and there were two kinds of Cheeriosplain or honey nut? Did you know that as of the time of this post there are eleven types of Cheerios?! So, logically, chocolate had to be thrown in there somewhere at some point in time, and that time is now!

How does Chocolate Cheerios get its chocolatey taste? From real cocoa! The Cheerios are two-toned: some are a lighter chocolate and some are deep, dark chocolate. I see no information about why this is the case, but I’m guessing there is less chocolate on the lighter chocolate Cheerios, considering those Cheerios taste sweet but not as chocolatey as the darker chocolate Cheerios. The cereal overall has the scent of Cookie Crisp and does kind of taste like it as well, but as I thought more about what I was tasting it really tastes more like Reese’s Puffs without the peanut butter… so, like Cocoa Puffs! Which makes sense since General Mills also makes Cocoa Puffs!

Chocolate Cheerios throws a few healthy tidbits at you: it’s low in fat and contains whole-grain oats which may reduce the risk of heart disease.It claims to be a good source of Calcium and Vitamin D, but that just means it has 10% of each. I think I found more Calcium under my couch cushion yesterday. (That was a joke.) It does have a few other good-for-you nutrients in it, so let’s recap:

Chocolate Cheerios

Bag opening was really tough. Also, despite being part squirrel as the result of a childhood squirrel bite incident, I truly did not enjoy the fact that the sticky coating on the cereal allowed the Chocolate Cheerios to squirrel away between my teeth and my cheeks. Hard to chew when you have to strategize about how to use your tongue to pull cereal out of the dark corners of your mouth… Also, despite claiming to be really awesome for you it was much lower in the important-to-Poppy nutrients such as Protein and Fiber.

Taste: Like Cocoa Puffs with a hint of “healthy”
Box opening: Easy peasy
Bag rippage: None, but opening the bag was HARD!
Bag slippage: None
Sog factor: Crunchy and sticky sogging to perfectly textured but a little too sticky
Allergy alert: Contains wheat

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  1. I lurv Chocolate Cheerios! Eat them by the box, I do!
    .-= Dave2´s last blog ..Bullet Sunday 177 =-.

    • Right after I saw your comment I saw that one of the people in accounting at work had a box and it made me giggle.

  2. Creature SH says:

    Those faults with this cereal are kind of a dissapointment after the strong start it came off with. The acustic texture was rather appetizing.

  3. This is my “healthy chocolate” cereal when I need a chocolate fix on Weight Watchers. But over all? I’d rather eat Cocoa Pebbles. Something about the texture seems off….a little too much slime after a few minutes of sitting in milk, mixed with the consistency of the O’s is weird to me….which probably why I only eat it when I want a chocolate fix….
    .-= Cissa Fireheart´s last blog ..This is the end, this is the end of the innocence…. =-.

    • Good choice for the healthy chocolate cereal, since it does have the oats in there to keep your heart healthy.

      The slime is a little overpowering… :-/