Quaker Granola vs Wegmans Granola

Quaker Granola

Quaker Oats is generally considered to be the top name brand for all things oats such as oatmeal and granola. They are called Quaker Oats for a reason dontcha know.

There were a few problems with the cereal starting right away with the packaging. While the Quaker box was listed as 2 ounces less than the Wegmans brand, it just felt heavier and denser. The box opening was not the easiest and the bag was just plain difficult. In both cases, there was rippage that would definitely decrease the shelf life of the cereal if kept in the original packaging. The taste was a relatively stale taste in comparison, and although we prefer a crispy cereal this one reminded us a little too much of Grape Nuts, and we all know what kind of a debacle that is. It is painfully obvious that they’re slipping off their game with something that should be one of their flagship brands.

Quaker was sadly a really big disappointment in this comparison to me. Then I found out that they’re spending all their money catering to mommy bloggers on Inauguration Day for some cheap PR instead of putting out a solid product they could be proud of.

Taste: A slight stale oat taste with a sweet pop
Box opening: Medium difficulty to open with extreme rippage
Bag rippage: Heavy difficulty to open with both bag and box rippage
Bag slippage: None!
Sog factor: The sog factor was minimal. The cereal remained crisp and actually quite hard, similar to the consistency of Grape Nuts
Allergy alert: Contains milk, wheat, and almond ingredients

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Wegmans Granola

Every now and then you get a cereal brand that surprises you… and that is this box of Wegmans brand of granola. While opening the box was easy, there was some rippage of the packaging. The bag was slightly more difficult with some additional rippage. Then there was huge bag slippage from the box with the one handed pour, which we all know is a huge disadvantage especially for those under the gun in the morning when the alarm clock went off 15 minutes late, the kids missed the school bus, and the cat puked all over the clean laundry. Still, all these things can be overcome by the strength of one simple factor.

Taste. The taste of Wegmans Granola was a strong fresh taste with a snap of sweetness to it. Further consumption allows the medley of raisins and almond slices to further enhance the cereal with a simple variation on the taste giving it a sense of complexity while remaining earthy. The sog factor, what little of it there was, actually improved the cereal by adding elasticity to the bite. To put it simple, the addition of the milk had the cereal tasting like a granola bar… which also happens to be one of Quaker‘s mainstays.

Taste: Soft chewy and sweet oats
Box opening: Easy to open with some rippage
Bag rippage: Medium difficulty to open with some minor bag rippage
Bag slippage: Huge slippage from the box
Sog factor: The sog factor of this cereal is minimal, and actually welcomed in softening it from it’s extra hard natural consistency. The milk actually seemed to make the cereal chewy and more enjoyable
Allergy alert: Contains milk, tree nuts, wheat, and soy. MAY CONTAIN Pecans & Walnuts from the manufacturing process

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And The Winner Is…

Wegmans Granola!!!

As if there was even a doubt.


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  1. I’m not really an oatmeal fan in general and I’ve never even heard of wegmans but I should mention that the point in the oatmeal inauguration party was Quakers program to donate one million bowls of oatmeal to the hungry and they gave 2 giant crates of oatmeal to our local foodbank just for us showing up and eating oatmeal. I probably should have mentioned that in my post but I’m easily distracted and also the homeless are boring.

    That last part was a joke. The homeless are fascinating and have the best stories ever. In fact, if there was a blog written by homeless people I would totally read it every day.

    Jenny, Bloggesss last blog post..UPDATED: Obama Fever = better than Dengue Fever, not quite as good as Boogie Fever.

    • NYC Watchdog says:

      @JennyWegmans is actually a typical no frills store brand, which is why its comparison win against the King of Oats is such an upset. It’s nice of Quaker to donate food to the homeless, who are indeed more interesting than most other domiciled citizens, but when will they truly do something outstanding for the citizenry of this country?

      When will they put the toys back in the box?

  2. Also, can I say how much I love the fact that there’s an entire blog dedicated to cereal? That’s so fucking bizarre. And also kind of awesome.

    Jenny, Bloggesss last blog post..UPDATED: Obama Fever = better than Dengue Fever, not quite as good as Boogie Fever.

  3. This was one of the funnest-for-me videos we’ve done together.

    Well, they’re all pretty fun.

    I am a total Wegmans convert. But not a raisin convert.

  4. Great video.

    Poppy you’re a oatmeal and GrapeNuts fan!? That’s awesome. I love both of them SO much. I eat oatmeal for breakfast EVERY single day. GrapeNuts I would love to eat every day but they’re pretty high in calorie count (same goes for granola). Plus with granola they usually slide in sugary things to the “clusters”.

    I love when you two do the show together and I love the shirts! How many of CW ones have you sold?


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