BOO BERRY Razzle Boo Blitz Fruit by the Foot

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A year ago NYCWD and I covered BOO BERRY cereal from a secret location in NYC as part of the Monster Cereal series. Today I’m riding solo with another BOO BERRY product: Betty Crocker’s Razzle Boo Blitz flavored BOO BERRY Fruit by the Foot!

This breakfast inspired fruit flavored snack is 3 feet of amazing blueberry goodness. The intense pear-blueberry flavor sends your salivary glands into overdrive. It tastes like most non-organic pressed fruit products, but with natural and artificial flavors that allow for a distinct blueberry taste.

The Fruit by the Foot is conveniently perforated down the middle length-wise to make it easier to peel off the wrapper. The Razzle Boo Blitz flavor is decorated with Blue #1 so that the entire strip is a blue color, then Red #40 and Yellow #5 are added to cause the blitz effect.

Razzle Boo Blitz is considered a good source of Vitamin C, containing 10% of the recommended daily amount per roll, and is specifically listed as gluten free. At only 80 calories per roll this product hits the spot when blood sugar is low.

A one bowl deduction for not being nutritious, but it’s definitely delicious so it deserves the rest of the bowls.

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  1. Wow, I’m surprised that it actually contains some form of fruit in the form of pear concentrate. Glad you liked them Poppy :)

    Bear Silbers last blog post..Cool & Funny Pictures

  2. Yum. 😛

    Sybil Laws last blog post..Mmmm… Spam

  3. When our sons were little, I rarely got them those fruit roll-up things because they were so sticky-sugary and terrible for their teeth.

    Geeky Tai-Tais last blog post..Clearly I Won’t Be Invited…

  4. I didn’t realize they had a Boo Berry Fruit by the Foot. I’ve had the Franken Berry version and it’s not too bad.

    martymankinss last blog post..Scooter Sunday #29

  5. Quisp and Quake are two of my favorite cereal characters. Probably because I was very young, liked the commercials, and they didn’t stay around too long — so when I think of them I have to go back to a time long ago.

    (One of them, Quake?, made a brief reappearance several years ago. I think.)

    delmers last blog post..Another Date, Another (bunch of) Dollars

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