Need Your Input!!!

So there has been some debate between Poppy and I. In the end… we have decided to come to you… our loyal Cereal Wednesday viewers to answer this all important question…

Who's Your Favorite Cereal Wednesday Host?

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We thank you for your support!


Battle Creek, Michigan has me on their Most Wanted list because while I may be a mild mannered blogger by day... I'm the Cereal Avenger striking fear into the hearts of cheap ass cereal executives who have taken out the toys and joy at night!!!


  1. I’m so glad you didn’t make me choose between you and Poppy!

  2. This can’t end well. ha.

    Karls last blog post..A Mosaic Meme

  3. This is one of those times I’d welcome those otherwise annoying answer choices like “three of the above” or “a,b, e, & f, but not c, d, or g.” I use to want to strangle one of my professors who did that on all his tests, but here, it would be perfect. :(

    Girl, Dislocateds last blog post..Misadventures in Egypt: Candlelit memories

  4. Make no mistake… I love Poppy, honestly I do… and having her guest-star or guest-vlogging from time to time is great… but Dawg IS Cereal Wednesday to me.

    Dave2s last blog post..Obama?

  5. BRAVO, Dave2! My point exactly.

  6. I’d like to vote, but something is making the page hanging – can’t figure out if it’s Woopra or do you have that shitty SocialSpark code here?

    Anyways, I vote for both of you. I think two hosts at a time makes for better videos because you can play off of each other.

    Avitables last blog post..Illusions of Grandeur

  7. You’re both just so cute together! I vote Poppy and Dawg or just Dawg. His last one had me laughing hysterically. :)

    Sybil Laws last blog post..It Sucks, Blows, and Twirls

  8. you are both great!

    lazylikewallys last blog post..cow

  9. I picked you and Poppy because I think that you guys are so cute. I think that I have said before that I think you guys should do a radio show together. That would be awesome.

    Shellis last blog post..60s? 70s? 80s?

  10. 3 votes for me… let me guess: Dawg, MY MOM, and Sour. 😀

    I agree that two hosts is a lot of fun, but I secretly love when it’s just Dawg because he is hysterical every time.

  11. We need more Dawg Cereal Wednesdays

    lazylikewallys last blog post..Laptop closed

  12. “This can’t end well. ha.”
    That’s What Karl Said!!!

    And I have to agree with Karl.
    Come now everyone, say it with me:
    Because that’s what Karl said! 😉

    I will not be forced to choose between you two..No Way, No How!!
    I kinda like you both doing it.

    (And that’s what ZZ said.)


    Greeneyezzs last blog post..Quotable Thursday

  13. Greneyezz, *giggle* Now you need to make TWZZS shirts and buttons!!

  14. Haha! That *would* be kinda neat, though I think only one person should be bestowed with *that* honor!
    (Unless of course, it said something like:

    Greeneyezzs last blog post..Quotable Thursday

  15. Well, since some others have mentioned it, I suppose I should say that while I love, love, love Poppy (one of my most fave new people I met at TC), I agree with Dave2. Dawg IS Cereal Wednesday.

    The rest of us are just lucky he lets us watch.

    My, doesn’t THAT sound dirty?

    Karls last blog post..A Mosaic Meme

  16. I have the biggest damn grin on my face right now.

    I think I have officially won the debate.

    And… TWKS! hehehehe

  17. Definitely Dawg for Cereal Wednesday!

  18. I’m with Dave2. Cereal Wednesday is DAWGG. It’s ok and fun to have guests. I love it when you do. I personally believe there should always be a guest because you play off other people so well, Dawgg.

    Still, I have never recovered from “It’s like Cap’n Crunch only blue.” That’s like the best CW line ever. Seriously.

  19. OK Dawg…What’s the verdict here??


    Greeneyezzs last blog post..Hey you??

  20. Hehehehehehehe.

    I’ve been fired.


  21. @Poppy,



    You’re the Sugar on top of the cereal.


    Greeneyezzs last blog post..Hey you??

  22. No, I’m not fired. I bet Dawg will eventually answer this, but from my perspective:

    I’ve been telling him that he IS Cereal Wednesday for a while now, that everyone including me has missed him, and that it just isn’t the same without him. He disagreed, thought everyone was just fine with me hosting as much as I was, but… no, I knew in my gut that everyone wanted him. Because in my gut I wanted him. I’m a fan of the show just like everyone else, and I want to see DAWG. But, I’m not going anywhere. I am his Partner in Cereal, as well as his groupie. :)

    So, the end result of the survey is: Nothing changes, but Dawg knows how much everyone loves him as the host. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. *giggle*

  23. Alrighty then!

    Mission Accomplished!

    Greeneyezzs last blog post..Hey you??


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