Fruity Cheerios

So we’ve already talked about the Original Cheerios. Then we talked about the most popular Honey Nut Cheerios. We even talked about Honey Nut Cheerios Breakfast Bars. So what is there left to possibly say about Fruity Cheerios? Alot actually.

Fruity Cheerios was only brought into the market by General Mills in 2006. The Cheerios brand has no notable mascot, but rather bases its marketing plan in an appeal to mother’s for a healthy breakfast choice for their children. Fruity Cheerios is no different, but the colorful box is eerily reminiscent of Kelloggs’ Froot Loops, minus the talking bird.

The Fruity Cheerios claim to have 25% less sugar than the “Most Popular Fruity Cereal” (*COUGH*Froot Loops*COUGH*), appears to be true. Here is how the math basically breaks down:

  • •32g serving of Froot Loops has 15g Sugars
  • •27g serving of Fruity Cheerios has 9g Sugars
  • •9g Sugars divided into 27g of Fruity Cheerios equals 1g of Sugars per 3g of Fruity Cheerios
  • •Therefore 33g of Fruity Cheerios would equate to 11g of Sugars
  • •11g/15g= .733333 which rounds out to 73% of the Sugars represented

Thus Fruity Cheerios, according to my calculations, actually has 27% less Sugars than Froot Loops, living up to their claim. The box opened well, the bag opened like silk, bag slippage was minimal, and the soggies were held at bay for at least 5 minutes during milk contamination. So why in the end did I only give it 4 Bowls?

Just like Fruity Pebbles, every singly colorful Fruity Cheerios tastes the same. There is no taste difference between the orange, purple, or greenish Ohs. They all taste the same. The final nail in the coffin… as it is with most cereals… there was no toy. Just some really lame games on the back of the box.

So in conclusion, with less sugar, more mom appeal, and a decent fruity flavor, Fruity Cheerios is sure to find its way onto breakfast tables nationwide with ease.

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  1. Cheerios overboard!!!! <3

    I loved this one… particularly the Karl advertisement in the middle.

    (Hi, Dad!)

  2. I loved this one… particularly the Karl advertisement in the middle.

    What? She totally stole my comment.

    Karls last blog post..Let’s Twist Again…

  3. By the way, I tried Fruity Cheerios not that far back and I agree with your take. Definitely fruit flavor, but not a lot of taste. I was hoping it would help sate my love of Froot Loops and Fruity Pebbles. But no, it was a cruel tease.

    Karls last blog post..Let’s Twist Again…

  4. I wanted to try these out of curiosity and I hesitated, thinking it would be nasty.I mean, why mess with cheerios, right? I think that when I do my grocery shopping tonight, Fruity Cheerios will be on the list.

    I’ve seen that shirt before!

    metalmoms last blog post..Monster Trucks

  5. NYC Watchdog says:

    Poppy– Will there ever be a CW where something DOESN’T go overboard???

    Karl– There is definitely less of a profound fruit taste, but it also has less sugar… and yeah… I figured you’d like the shirt.

    MetalMom– It’s something to definitely try out… and while the taste isn’t as evident, and each Oh tastes the same… it’s a pretty decent substitute if your looking for one with less sugar.

  6. Probably not, but I think it would be hilarious to try and then make a compilation video of all the overboards. Hilarious to me, anyway.

  7. Oki, and I finally watched/listened to the video again and paid attention to the song during the commercial this time. You will play that song for me this weekend, yes? Yes. Jedi mind trick.

  8. How does the British say that again? I love that you now have a commercial in the middle of you cereal broadcast. Did the sponsor pay for anything? Loved how you tried to do the math. Very adorable and school boy. Hope you are having a great week!

    abbagirl74s last blog post..Breakfast of Champions

  9. Dude, you are insane.

    You should try and get out of the house a little more man…

    • oh and by the way,

      no-one in britain says Cheerio, and they haven’t since like, 1921.

      • NYC Watchdog says:

        Thanks for the insight there Andy. I didn’t realize that it was only British Ex-Pats living in America and the homophobes on X-Box Live, who must actually live in Ireland as opposed to London as they claim, who say, “cheerio”.

        As for the actual reason you’re here… The Honey Loops Mascot is a honeybee named Loopy. The mascot, and the cereal, are probably more similar to Honey Nut Cheerios.

        I hope this helps.

        Cheerio! G’day mate!