Nature Valley Oats ‘N Honey Cereal

Hi all, I’m Poppy and I’m your cereal tour guide for this week, as well as a newly appointed addition to the Cereal Wednesday unpaid staff. In case you’re wondering where you’ve seen me before I was a special guest in the Boo Berry Cereal Wednesday edition. You may have noticed that NYCWD appears to be MIA. He’d like me to tell you that he’s just been too lazy to do more Cereal Wednesdays, but the truth is he’s been very busy with other obligations and hasn’t had time to even run to the store to get cereal. (Maybe all you cereal companies should be contacting him about shipping him your product for free? HINT HINT.) I assure you, he will be starring in future CW editions. I’m not taking over!

Anyway, down to business…

Nature Valley Oats ‘N Honey Cereal is distributed by General Mills Cereals and is pretty brand spanking new to the market. This cereal is based on Nature Valley‘s granola bars which have themselves been on store shelves since… well, since I was a kid!

The flakes are predominantly rice based but also include oat, wheat, and corn flakes. There are pieces of the famous Nature Valley granola bar included in the cereal which contain whole grain oats as their first ingredient and honey as the fifth ingredient. A little misleading to call this oats ‘n honey, if you ask me, but still tasty.

The cereal claims to be 100% natural, and to be a good source of fiber with 4g per serving as well as an excellent source of whole grain. It’s also worth mentioning that this cereal has 230 calories per one cup serving (hmm…), 5g of protein per serving (yay!), 3g of fat per serving (kinda high for a cereal, but it does have granola bar in it!), 48g of carbohydrates per serving, NO VITAMINS per serving, and only 4% iron. Be sure to run around a lot and then take your vitamins after eating this cereal.

Slogan: “The Energy Cereal Nature Intended”
Taste: It has my favorite childhood granola bar in it, so I’m slightly biased in saying that I enjoy the taste very much when it’s not sogged out.
Box opening: Easy
Bag rippage: (Almost) no ripping!
Bag slippage: Lots of slipping…
Allergy alert: Contains soy, wheat, and milk ingredients

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For more information you can visit the Nature Valley Website.


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  1. Awesome review, Poppy. Thanks for all the product info, allergen info, really informative. The cereal itself is pretty good and like you mentioned kind of high calorie- but to be fair granola bars are kind of high calorie also.

  2. Hi, ozjthomas! Thanks! Yup, I mentioned that granola bars are high cal in the video, and I’m sure Nature Valley would have appreciated me pointing out that some of that high calorie is due to the “excellent source of whole grain” (which is at least 16g per serving, according to the fine print on the box).

    I’ll hopefully stay consistent with future videos and provide the same detail at least in the write-up since I will likely be doing the healthier cereal videos. 😉

  3. I don’t eat anything with “Nature” in the title. Too healthy.

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  4. Avi, I think that’s the idea. I’m the healthy cereal guinea pig… oh well. :)

  5. NYC Watchdog says:

    Thank gawd someone is willing to eat this stuff.

    Although to be honest… I think you have seriously set the bar higher for me when it comes to the information in the actual post. I feel pressure now.

    Awesome job!

  6. To both eating the stuff and setting the bar: That’s what you (don’t) pay me for. 😉

    And, thank you.

    Now, hurry up and make new CW videos before everyone thinks I’ve hijacked the site with VexD! (*giggle*)

  7. I loved the granola bars as a kid!

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  8. lazylikewally says:

    you should review golden grahams next. It’s an amazing cereal…

  9. Kris Stenson says:

    I am having no luck in finding Nature Valley Healthy Heart Honey Nut which
    reduces cholesterol on any Super Market shelves. Can you advise?