Christmas Crunch Cereal

2007 Christmas Crunch BoxChristmas Crunch was first released in 1988. Featuring Cap’n Crunch in a Santa hat, this edition has very limited availability to certain outlets and specific regions in the United States. Every year there are changes to the edition, most noticeably being the cover art of the box. Because of this type of exclusivity and limited availability, it is not uncommon to find these boxes being held onto as collector’s items

Quaker is the only cereal company that has been found to have put out a specifically special edition of one of their name brand cereals for the Christmas holiday. While this may be unique in and of itself, the exclusivity seems to be a Quaker tradition as they have exhibited similar behaviour with Quisp and with a version of Crunchberries called Ooops.

While we are almost certain that Christmas Crunch is as good as the regular cereal, we have to give the 2003 Christmas Crunch Cereal eaten in 2007 zero bowls. It just isn’t tasty anymore. In fact… its downright stale and nasty… and gave me a few hours of indigestion to boot.

Cereal Wednesday Bowls:

For more information you can visit the Official Cap’n Crunch website.


Battle Creek, Michigan has me on their Most Wanted list because while I may be a mild mannered blogger by day... I'm the Cereal Avenger striking fear into the hearts of cheap ass cereal executives who have taken out the toys and joy at night!!!


  1. “Staleage” OMG was LMFAO! I know you made up that word just for me. heh

    Geeky Tai-Tai’s last blog post..I Wanna Go Home… Kinda…Maybe After The Police & Santana’s Concert?

  2. Yikes! I hate stale anything hahaha You’re a trooper for doing that.

    Did you send out a post looking for that? Cause they carry it here in Louisville at Kroger Grocery Stores. I saw it the other day.

    If I had known you were looking for it….(did I miss a post stating you were looking for it?) I could have saved you some money and saved you the nasty taste in your mouth where your tongue burst into flames or something.

    Sodapop’s last blog post..What I’m looking for in a friend

  3. I’m sorry I couldn’t find it. The store that I saw carried it on the Aldi website was still being built up until a few days ago. Still, you ate it and for that I will send you one of my bras which you may have framed wear on your head or whatever.

    Luin’s last blog post..Twitted on 2007-12-15

  4. I can’t believe you went through with it when it was that stale!

    Avitable’s last blog post..Starcocks


    That’s funny, its really funny….aahha. I’m giggling hysterical. I wonder if the guy who sold it to you feels about you eating his precious collectors item!

    Sarcastica’s last blog post..Memories of Christmas and Such

  6. lol. I once had some two year old Frosted Flakes and they didn’t taste any different to me. If I ever find a new box, I’ll have to send it to ya, it’s really not a terrible cereal.

  7. Geeky– You mean staleage ISN’T a word? Hell… how do I win in Scarbulous all the time then?

    Soda– Uh yeah… actually I did ask about it at the “other” place. Good looking out… as my tongue continues to burn into oblivion…

    LuinAldi’s advertisement was very very deceiving… and their store is really kind of kooky, so I can understand their deception.

    Avi– There are some things you just HAVE to do. Granted… that really wasn’t one of them…

    Sarcastica– I don’t think he cares… he got his money… and I got da indigestion

    Oz– Two years I think wouldn’t be too bad considering all the preservatives… three is probably at threshold max… and apparently four is just pushing the limits over the line.

  8. Ugh…I don’t know how I missed it :( I’m sowwy!!!!

    Sodapop’s last blog post..Happy Birthday to the best brother ever

  9. I can’t believe you ate it! At least you were protected by the “penicillan”. At one point you sounded like Rainman…”There’s staleage. Definitely some staleage”!

    Great post. I love the holiday posts!

    metalmom’s last blog post..Time to Bake!!

  10. “Perhaps what we’re seeing is decay”

    and yet

    you put it


    your mouth


    Miss Britt’s last blog post..A Blogger Christmas: A Photo Essay

  11. That was great. Hats off to you for trying it even though it was 4 years old. What’d you eat afterwards to get the aftertaste out of your mouth?

    Bear Silber’s last blog post..Check it out

  12. When you said some of the pieces were green, I am assuming you meant pieces that were not suppose to be green.


    Lynda’s last blog post..Once a Parent….

  13. I was screaming DON’T EAT THAT at you. Guess you didn’t hear me.

  14. …I cant believe you really ate them! Next time your planning on doing something that wild and reckless, request back up, k?!
    Thanks for loving your audience enough to consume decaying christmas trees. We

  15. I can’t believe you ate it. I hope you don’t get sick. :(

    I have been looking for that cereal (2007) for a while now. I want some. :(

    divalicious’s last blog post..Christmas meme

  16. i wish i would have known you were looking too, i could have sworn i just saw it at big lots.

    as an aside i got chocolate chex for $2 at big lots.

    tana’s last blog post..Crushing

  17. Soda– It’s okay… now your just responsible for nursing me back to health after I defeat the grain eating virus that is currently eating away at my tongue

    Metalmom– Well… it does take a special person to eat cereal that old dontcha know? I doubt Dustin would’ve done it though.

    Miss Britt– The keyword on that sentence was PERHAPS. Now, post production, I could change it to DEFINITELY, but what’s the point?

    Lynda– Well there were some festive green pieces… and some downright not so festive anymore pieces… so yeah… I probably ate mold.

    Suzi– What? I can’t hear you!!! LOUDER!!!

    Sxymom– I toyed with the idea of having a special guest… but decided when I couldn’t get the current version… I couldn’t bear responsibility for someone else’s demise.

    Diva– Yes… I would still be looking IF I would only settle for this year. Luckily, I’m not that finicky.

    TanaChocolate Chex for ANY price is a TOUCHDOWN. I loved that cereal. It was definitely a party in my mouth.

  18. I work for Krogers – in merchandising. We have it for only $2.39 + tax. If you still want to try it, let me know, I’ll send it to you. If not, I can get it for you next year. Again, if you are looking for any particular cereal, let me know. I can probably hook you up.

    abbagirl74’s last blog post..Grow Up

  19. Were you defragging your hard drive during this video?

    I cannot believe you worked “popped (its) cherry” into this video.

    You are absolutely insane for eating this cereal…

    Your tongue ok now?

  20. I forgot to mention – nice haircut.

  21. I had to eat two king size Hershey’s bars after watching that to get the imaginary taste of moldy cereal out of my mouth.

    I’m glad you made sure the bag was still sealed!

    Girl, Dislocated’s last blog post..Why I need a butler…or a bouncer

  22. You should have let me send you some from Seattle — it might have been soggy — but at least it would have been from 2007!

  23. Abbagirl– I’ll probably need it next year… but if you could keep your eyes out for a new Indiana Jones Cereal by Kelloggs… I’d love to lay my hand on one of those. Glad you like the hair… I’m going for a dye job this weekend to get the gray out.

    Poppy– Defragging my hard drive? Is that some sort of code… like “The chair is against the wall” or something??? What makes you think I was defragging? I can work cherries and their popping into alot of things. I am insane… certifiable to be totally honest.

    Ever see Christmas Story? Of course… well that scene with Slick in the classroom post-pole licking… yeah… that was me.

    Girl Dislocated– Only two??? I would have made it five. The sealed bag, in the end, really only stopped total disintegration.

    Colleen– I know… I was assured Aldi’s had it by one of their manager’s. Little did he mention that he was the REGIONAL MANAGER. And of course… by the time I got to all the stores… they had mysteriously “sold out”.

    However don’t think the trip to Aldi’s was a waste. I picked up a few of their generics… and will be revealing just how awful they really are in the near future.

  24. OMG! You are one brave soul. I hope your tongue is doing better!

    Devilish Girl’s last blog post..Stupid Bitches

  25. Hey! I know this is totally off topic, but you should make a post about the new cereal bar movie.
    I wonder if I should buy stock…

  26. Devilish Girl– I finally got some sensation back into it… only to have it knocked out by a nasty cold.

    Oz– Why did I think that movie was coming out next year? Its only playing in one theater in the city… so I’ll have to see what I can do.

  27. Bear– Sorry your comment got caught up in the spam filter… afterwards I drank alot of water and ate a bowl of ice cream… which really did not taste the way I would have expected.

    It tasted stale too.

  28. you can avoid indigestion by eating high fiber foods.-~,

  29. now, i am suffering from bad indigestion and sometimes it is painful too.*”:


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