Cereal Wednesday: Honey Nut Cheerios

Honey Nut Cheerios has long been a staple in the adventures in breakfast during childhood. The cereal is a healthy enticement for moms due to its soluble fiber, and popular among children for the blended sweet taste of honey and nuts (almonds). It is a good tasting cereal, not overly sweet, crunchy, and with the familiar Cheerios aftertaste that leaves you craving more.

Honey Nut Cheerios was introduced in 1979. It is actually the most popular variant of the cereal, having had the ability to blend the healthy aspect with the sweetness and undoubtedly thanks to the television advertising using a Bee as the mascot. Unbelievably, the Bee was actually nameless until 2000 when 11 year old Kristin Tong from Texas won a contest to name him. Henceforth, he has been known as Buzzbee… or just Buzz for short. While Buzzbee is a popular mascot, I tend to think they would have done better using The Queen Bee to target the male 16-99 demographic.

So why is soluble fiber so important? Soluble fiber can help lower your cholesterol when eaten regularly as part of your diet. Honey Nut Cheerios has taken this to heart (literally and figuratively) and have expanded their marketing beyond the Saturday morning cartoon commercials featuring Buzz into commercials targeting the high cholesterol age set of over 55. Along with this marketing change, Honey Nut Cheerios has also been certified by the American Heart Association as a food with heart healthy levels of fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol.

Overall, Honey Nut Cheerios is a good choice for breakfast, and I have to concur with my special guest, The Queen Bee, that it is worthy of getting a 5 Bowl Rating.

Cereal Wednesday Bowls:

Special thanks goes to The Queen Bee for joining me in tasting the cereal and for letting me film inside her hive. Before I get inundated with e-mails… no… she is NOT single or available. If your lucky… maybe she’ll be your friend.

For more information you can visit the Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal Page.


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  1. I love Honey Nut Cheerios. It’s pretty good for you since its made mostly of oatmeal flour and it tastes good too. I’m surprised you haven’t reviewed this yet. Good episode

  2. I LUFF Honey Nut Cheerios. It’s the cereal I eat the most out of all of them. The others are like “treats” when I want something sugary and not so good for me. I’m happy HNC is tasty as well as good for me! Great episode 😀

    Sodapop’s last blog post..Knowing what you want

  3. You’re rocking with the special guests this season. When’s Giuliani going to be on?

    Avitable’s last blog post..It’s a draw

  4. Queen Bee is SO cute!!! I wanted to squish her (in a good way!)

    HoneyNut Cheerios are my favorite cereal.Every time a classic cereal adds’berries, marshmallows or other things’ to make a new formula (and thus a new marketing niche) I am sceptical of their quality. HNC lives up to the classic Cheerios bar!

    metalmom’s last blog post..Soup Makes Everything Better

  5. As usual, it’s worth sitting through the credits! LOL

    Miss Britt’s last blog post..Fuck you. Yes, you.

  6. Queen Bee is simply captivating! Great Cereal Wednesday… thank you both!

    Jeff’s last blog post..And boy are my cars happy!

  7. “because nuts are attracted to honey” made me lose my shit.

    Steff is so damn adorable.

    Poppy’s last blog post..Fall Out Boy mocks their future Killers

  8. ozthomas– It is a good cereal… and there are some cereals that need to wait for the right time… or at least the right person to dress up in the right costume!

    Soda– It is both good tasting and healthy for cholesterol reducing… which makes it a popular choice for the over 60 set. Did your social security check come yet??? Lol… j/k… don’t hurt me… please…

    Avi– It is a good season for the special guests… and the list keeps going. Unfortunately, due to campaign rules, if I have Giuliani on I need to give Clinton equal time. Maybe I could have her for Kashi…

    Metalmom– Yes, the Queen is very squishable… in a good way. I know what you mean, and while HNC lives up to the brand, some of their newer additions aren’t coming close to equal it.

    Miss Britt– Yeah, I’m like the last Pirates movie… the real ending isn’t until I thank the little people.

    Jeff– She is quite the charmer… she has to be to keep all those worker bees in line and stuff!

    Poppy– Well, its true isn’t it??? I hope you didn’t spray soda on your keyboard again. :)

  9. Miss Ann Thrope says:

    Honey Nut Cheerios is my favourite cereal…along with Honey Nut Chex. I’m down with the honey and the nuts.

    Great video! You are rocing the guests this season!

  10. Great episode. The Queen Bee was great.

    I love me some Honey Nut Cheerios. Did you know that the guy who voices Buzzbee also voices Fry, Professor, Dr. Zoidberg and Zapp Brannigan from Futurama as well as Doug Funnie and Roger from Doug. Just a bit of trivia.

    Bear Silber’s last blog post..The London Trip

  11. HNC is a great cereal, and this is yet another great edition of Cereal Wednesday! I *heart* Queen Bee!

    Geeky Tai-Tai’s last blog post..Obama ’08

  12. Normally, I don’t eat cereal that has single digit sugar content, but HoneyNut Cheerios is one of the few exceptions I make.

    I love Queen Bee’s expression as the cereal keeps pouring and pouring into her bowl!

    Girl, Dislocated’s last blog post..Am I totally incapable of writing short posts?

  13. Miss Ann– Let’s face it… the nuts are just attracted to honey. This has been a good season for the guests… and believe it or not… it’s going to get better.

    Geeky– The Queen Bee definitely rocks. To actually agree to be on the internet like that… well… she’s a trooper.

    Girl, Dislocated– The amazing thing about HNC is that while it isn’t that high in sugar, it is more than sweet enough… while not being too sweet. Does that make sense? Yes, her expression and her little outbursts like where the “other carbs” goes rocked. She was really great.

  14. Bear– That is actually some interesting trivia. I’ve always found it interesting how the same people will voice a large number of animated characters, and I wouldn’t have a clue. Maybe that’s just me though… the hearing isn’t what it used to be.

  15. Totally makes sense! Which is why I have to wonder if maybe they’re fudging their nutrition information just a little. . .

    Girl, Dislocated’s last blog post..Am I totally incapable of writing short posts?

  16. Actually, most nutritional information is fudged. That’s actually the way the government makes it because of how they view a “serving”.

    I’ve still got more research to do on it, but I’ll have more on how they have screwed the pooch on this one.

  17. Regarding the “Other Carbs” this reveals the number of grams of complex carbohydrates, not including fiber or sugars (simple cards), but including non-digestible additives, such as stabilizers and thickening agents.

    As a general guide, the greater the discrepancy between “total carbohydrates” and “sugar,” on the label, the more nutritious carbohydrates the food contains. This means that the package contains more of the food’s natural sugars than added sugars. The closer the number of grams of “sugar” is to the “total carbohydrates” in each serving, the closer the food gets to the junk quality.

    Bear Silber’s last blog post..The London Trip

  18. Yeah, really, 1 cup serving my ass ! I knew it wasn’t me just being a pig!!!

    Girl, Dislocated’s last blog post..Um….What?

  19. Lol… no… I assure you… you are not alone in this…

  20. Bear that is a very reasonable and plain english explanation… thanks so much for sharing that! I had gotten kinda goofy when I was reading about lipids and carbs and how they equate… but now it all makes sense.

  21. Honey Nut Cheerios used to be good 20 years ago when it used to actually have detectable amounts of honey in it. Now you will be lucky to find a trace of any nut or honey in it. The cheerios used to look similar to regular Cheerios, but now they laced with the same crappy refined, white, icing type sugar you found on Frosted Flakes. As far as I am concerned they are Frosted Cheerios and it is false advertising to call them Honey Nut Cheerios. If you notice in their tv commercials, they refer to it as Honey Nut ‘flavoured’ Cheerios.

    The quality of this cereal has been downgraded, even though it is made with 100% oats now. I sent General Mills and e-mail about my concerns and they have not replied.


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