Cereal Wednesday: Franken Berry Cereal

Special thanks goes to X… who by the way ladies is single and available and contactable through MySpace!!!

As a strawberry flavored puffed corn cereal, Franken Berry delivers both the taste and smell of actual strawberries, which seems to be a growing rarity among cereals these days as they opt for the mish-mash flavor known as “fruity”. Once again as X pointed out, and Poppy before him, the cereal tastes very similar to Cap’n Crunch. While it still does not do the roof of the mouth ripping damage the Cap’n has become known for, the sweetness and texture similarities are in fact very uncanny.

Franken Berry was introduced alongside Count Chocula in 1971. Made by General Mills, his popularity early on was equal to, if not greater than, what would become the flagship Monster Cereal of Count Chocula. This popularity was unfetted although a dye in the cereal early on had a habit of turning children’s feces pink.

Unfortunately, Franken Berry‘s popularity has waned to be on par with Boo Berry. This has resulted in a limited availability for the cereal. While most markets carry them during October in celebration for Halloween, you will be hard pressed to find them during the rest of the year. Luckily Franken Berry has not gone the way of Fruit Brute or Yummy Mummy… extinct.

At least not yet.

Cereal Wednesday Bowls:

For more information you can visit the General Mills Big G Cereal Page.


Battle Creek, Michigan has me on their Most Wanted list because while I may be a mild mannered blogger by day... I'm the Cereal Avenger striking fear into the hearts of cheap ass cereal executives who have taken out the toys and joy at night!!!


  1. The next time I’m in NYC, I need to sign up for a guest-spot on Cereal Wednesday… FREE CEREAL! Does life get any better?

    I’m anxiously looking forward to Count Chocula, which is my favorite of the trilogy.

  2. I love the pre-episode briefing about “The Rules!”

    I’ve never understood what half and half is. Half of what and half of what? My brother, my sister, and I have about 45 years of cereal eating experience between us and none of us knows what it is. Now I know it’s creamy. It’s going on my next bowl of cereal.

  3. I love the “rules” too!!

    I think I actually had this cereal as a child, but I can’t remember if I liked it or not. I usually stick to Cheerios with berries in it now, but maybe I’ll give this one a try this week.

  4. Half and Half is Half Milk, Half Cream, so it’s 50% fat. Comparatively, Regular Milk is about 4% fat and low fat milk is 1 or 2%(skim has none). A cup of half and half has about a million calories. :p

  5. I don’t remember Fruit Brute or Yummy Mummy at all!

  6. The footage before the footage is my favorite part! :-)

  7. “What’s a Poppy” and “Of course she’s hot-she’s Poppy” Best lines EV-AH

  8. You are SO tricky about that footage before the footage. I had NO idea we were filming already for Boo Berry. I agree with Britt, it is my favorite part too. šŸ˜‰

  9. I am live commenting.

    I just LOST MY SHIT when you two dueled it out with the marshmallow heads.

    Half and half? REALLY? That. is. disgusting. That is only for coffee and my homemade mac and cheese.

    The next time I come to NYC can we film in your place? It looks like so much fun there…

    X and Dawg, *giggle* Cap’n Crunch only pinker.

    What’s a poppy? HEHEHEHE. Hot poppy! (I will attempt to be less hot from now on… ooops, I have failed miserably.) Dawg, I hope you made X watch last week’s episode after. šŸ˜‰

  10. Dave– Absolutely! Let me know when… have cereal… will travel.

    Girl Dislocated– Well there has to be a clear understanding… although I forgot to mention the second rule was that its all done in one take since I only have one box. It makes better cereal eating for everyone.

    Angel– Better hurry! The supplies are limited to only during Halloween!

    ozjthomas– I couldn’t have described it better myself. To answer your YouTube comment, once WP settles down into a workable 2.3, and I upgrade I’m going to stick in a Polls option so there will be some polls about both cereal and special guests coming hopefully shortly.

    Avi– They were both very limited in their distribution and were discontinued, although Quentin Tarrantino owns a box of I believe Fruit Brute that makes occasional appearances in his movies.

    Miss Britt– Really??? You don’t like us in living color as opposed to the Cereal Killer Cam? Or is it the content that’s better…

    Metalmom– Well… sometimes the best explanations are the simplest ones.

    Poppy– I am not tricky at all… the light that goes on is a sign. The next time we film in NYC we can go anywhere you want… and yes, I made X watch your episode to prove that he unknowingly stole your intellectual property… and he agreed… you’re a hawt Poppy. You really need to try and control that a little better, ya know?

  11. Wow, he thought I was hawt even though I was hungover? He should really see me unhungover and make that determination. :)

  12. Sweet and Fruity… Just the way I like ’em. But wait isn’t this the same friend whom shouldn’t be having sugar?!

  13. Poppy– Well considering he was seeing you hungover… while he was hungover kinda balances stuff out, dontcha think?

    Sxymom– Yes, this is the one who likes to go into the hospital for diabetic comas and silly stuff like that. Fitting isn’t it?

  14. This explains the sunglasses and the very stillness at the start of the video. I thought he might have fallen asleep for a minute. šŸ˜€

  15. Yeah… it seems to be the new thing… get drunk the night before your debut on Cereal Wednesday.

    Your such a trend setter.

  16. :batting eyelashes:

    (Dammit, I cannot be less hawt. Sorry. šŸ˜‰

  17. Thanks Dawg it was a lot of fun and tasty. No folks I’m not going back to the hospital.

  18. No folks Iā€™m not going back to the hospital.

    Yeah… I’ve heard that one before…

  19. Franken Berry is my favorite. Turns the milk a bright pink that’s very strawberry.

    martymankinss last blog post..Scooter Sunday #29

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