Cereal Wednesday: Boo Berry Cereal

What is there left to say about Boo Berry that hasn’t been said? It is a sweetened corn puff with additional blueberry flavoring that is a delight to the mouth. As Poppy pointed out, its consistency is a bit like Cap’n Crunch, and while keeping its crispness it does not rip the roof of your mouth up anywhere near to the way the Cap’n does. One of the things about Boo Berry that separates it from the rest of the cereal tasting world is the fact that it does indeed taste like an actual berry (blueberries) as opposed to a mish mash of berry and citrus flavors. This alone is a delight unto itself to be actually able to know what berry your tasting!

Boo Berry is a member of the Monster Cereals Trilogy put out by General Mills. Originally it was introduced in 1973 along with the “Fourth Monster Cereal“, Frute Brute. They already joined the Count Chocula and Franken Berry on the market. Boo Berry isn’t just the name of the cereal, its also the name of the mascot who is a blue ghost with heavy sleep eyes, wearing a red bow tie and a yellow hat.

Unfortunately, while a member of the Monster Cereal Trio, Boo Berry receives very little promotion during 75% of the year. In fact it has limited availability in most areas. Usually, in celebration of Halloween, General Mills makes all the cereals more available in markets across the US as opposed to the year long availability of its flagship monster cereal, Count Chocula. Not surprisingly though, Boo Berry has a relatively strong counter-culture following due to his heavily lidded eyes and laid back attitude that insinuates him as a member of Club 420.

Cereal Wednesday Bowls:

For more information you can visit the UnOfficial Boo Berry Page or General Mills Big G Cereal Page.

Special thanks to Poppy for the guest appearance and bringing Sweetheart Bear with her! Considering we did it under the threat of deportation to Cuba as terrorist operatives, I think they did great!!!


Battle Creek, Michigan has me on their Most Wanted list because while I may be a mild mannered blogger by day... I'm the Cereal Avenger striking fear into the hearts of cheap ass cereal executives who have taken out the toys and joy at night!!!


  1. Damn. I thought I hit submit earlier after watching LOL I guess I didn’t.

    I’ve never really enjoyed fruity cereals. Don’t know why, too sugary for me I guess. I love the chocolate ones though. Go figure.

    I love the socks Poppy! And you are a brave woman for eating that cereal after a night of lemon drops! Ewwwww

    Cap’n Crunch is no longer allowed in my house. I hate that cereal only because of the damage it causes the roof of my mouth. GAH! Horrible.

  2. I’m not sure that I have ever had Boo-Berry cereal. I know that I have had the Count Chocula cereal, and even as a child I wasn’t impressed. Maybe I’ll try Boo-Berry sometime.

    I love the video!! It is a little hard to hear you over the background noise at times, but I understand, because your were in an airport.

    I loved Sweetheart Bear and Poppy as well. (Poppy’s socks ROCK!!) They were excellent guests.

    I’m already looking forward to next week’s video!

  3. I’ve never had booberry cereal. I feel so deprived. Just kidding man, great episode, love the whole special guest feature. And the website looks really good, man.

  4. Best special guest ever!

  5. BooBerry Rocks! Loving the welcoming to NY with a shirt that says NY doesn’t love you! I can totally see the whole terrorist thingy now.

    Grreeaat episode!

  6. Dawg, your commitment to Cereal Wednesday is overwhelming. :-)

  7. YAY Poppy! You guys are awesome.

  8. Soda– You’ve banned the Cap’n??? Wow… he must have ripped you up good!!!

    AngelBoo Berry unfortunately takes a back seat to Chocula… I guess more people like chocolate than blueberries. Go figure.

    Ozjthomas– I know what you mean by being deprived. I’ve only had it once before… when I was like 5.

    Avi– She was pretty awesome, wasn’t she??? Oh, and Poppy was good too… lol!!!

    Sxymom– There is really no question about it… I’m a totaly New Yorker… as Poppy discovered at the Newsstand.

    Miss Britt– I know… its scary isn’t it.

    Tug– She was awesome… AND she has killer socks!!!

  9. I cannot believe I never commented on this post.

    I had so much fun doing this episode. You should have me do more.

  10. Maybe you should become my PiC (Partner in Cereal) as opposed to this just being a one set of taste buds show???

    You can do the healthy ones. :)

  11. Aren’t you clever! Stealing PiC’s name!

    Do I have to do the healthy ones?!

  12. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH…I just found this one!

    omg…I’m having flashbacks over here! I haven’t had BooBerry in YEARS!!!

    I used to like Count Chocula.

    Good stuff! That made me smile!

    Greeneyezzs last blog post..Hey you??

  13. And now *I’m* having flashbacks. My first in-person meeting of Dawg. That was a great day, despite the Lemon Drop hangover. <3 <3 <3

  14. Stores should stock BooBerry all the time He is the Awesome One

  15. I know this is a year later, but I had to post something on Boo Berry. I picked up all 3 monster cereals at this store this last week (3 for $5, such a deal). I had my first bowl of Boo Berry in many years. As a kid, I loved Franken Berry the best, but liked all of the monster cereals. I’ve only had Fruit Brute once in my life, but wished it would have stuck around. Now to get my Fruit Brute fix, I watch that scene in Pulp Fiction where Lance (Eric Stoltz) is eating a bowl, just before Vincent calls.

    martymankinss last blog post..Scooter Sunday #29


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