Cereal Wednesday Episode XXIII: Cookie Crisp Cereal

Cookie Crisp cereal is the closest thing to actual cookies that you can have without hitting the cookie jar. Although the cereal has more of a chewy consistency when compared to an actual cookie, once the first two or three bites are down, they taste just like cookies. The cereal had a high milk resistance which maintained its crispness pretty much throughout. The two downsides to Cookie Crisp was its lack of promotion and its aftertaste. There is an almost stale aftertaste when your done eating a bowl.

Cookie Crisp was originally created by Ralston-Purina in the early 1970’s and used a wizard known as Cookie Jarvis as their mascot. Cookie Jarvis had a magic wand that with one wave, and a rhyming incantation, would turn cereal bowls into cookie jars for breakfast. In 1980 they introduced the Cookie Crook shortly followed by Officer Crumb (also known as the Cookie Cop) in 1983 to phase Cookie Jarvis out of the advertising. With the move though, they went from complete animation to a mix of animation and live action marketing.

After mergers and acquisitions at Ralston-Purina, they sold their branded cereals including the Chex line and Cookie Crisp to General Mills in 1994. General Mills introduced a new character to the marketing, an overweight dog dressed similarily to the Cookie Crook known as Chip. Chip was the enigmatic sidekick of the Cookie Crook in his continued attempts to get Cookie Crisp cereal.

Chip took over as the mascot for Cookie Crisp in 1997. Instead of continuing on the path of cookie crime, he lost his mask and went around offering the cereal to children. In 2003 Chip received a complete and radical makeover. He changed from Chip the dog to Chip the wolf, and returned to his once criminal ways and makes attempts to get Cookie Crisp from children. Sadly, it also appears that with Chip the wolf there are no more live action commercials.

Cereal Wednesday Bowls:

For more information you can visit the General Mills: Big G Cereals webpage.


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