Cereal Wednesday Episode XXI: Reese’s Puffs Cereal

So the Reese’s Puffs cereal tries to mix chocolate and peanut butter together to have a similar success they have had with the candy. In the end, it is really a poor imitation with a severely disgusting aftertaste. I think the aftertaste actually came from their attempt to do the peanut butter. I find it hard to believe that someone would be able to screw up the taste of chocolate considering the wide variety of chocolate cereals out there already.

Reese’s Puffs is another General Mills cereal. I found it pretty odd that their list of “Things To Do Before Your Eighteen” included bungee jumping and going backstage at a “gig”. To me, that shows a company that is really out of touch with the youth of today. Bungee jumping is in fact a dangerous sport… and no one under legal age should be doing it. Kids who’s parents actually have brain cells will not allow them to do it… so that results in kids going into illegal stuff like fake ids, or dangerous stuff like trying to rig a bungee themselves. Want to know the worst of it all? No toys. Go figure.

Overall, the cereal sucks. The orange packaging however rocks!

Cereal Wednesday Bowls:

For more information you can visit the General Mills: Big G Cereals webpage.


Battle Creek, Michigan has me on their Most Wanted list because while I may be a mild mannered blogger by day... I'm the Cereal Avenger striking fear into the hearts of cheap ass cereal executives who have taken out the toys and joy at night!!!


  1. Reese Elder says:

    I am not happy with this ceral even though it has my name on it, I used to mix CoCo puffs with Peanut Butter Captian Crunch to get a much better tasting version of a cereal that tases like the Reese peanut butter cups Candy. ALSO i dont like the texture of the Reeses puffs themselves because they are too hard and hurt the soft indsides of my mouth. Not a fan of Reese’s cereal.

  2. not candy, reese’s puffs cereal!

  3. I am so glad I watched this. I can now tell my 5 year-old that it is gross when she begs to get it.

    tana’s last blog post..Boxing Day

  4. I actually like it, it does have a unique after taste I suppose, but I think it’s good.

  5. I actually love Reese Puffs! It’s my third favorite, after Golden Grahams and Life.

    lazylikewallys last blog post..Peanut Butter Baby

  6. Is the peanutbutter in your ceral effected by the peanutbutter scare?

    • NYC Watchdog says:

      Dwan, there are no cereal products on the recall list for the peanut butter scare. There have been some items recalled by Kellogg‘s from their Keebler line. For all the latest peanut butter recally information, we recommend visiting the FDA website at http://fda.gov

  7. I happen to like Reeses Puffs. They don’t deserve all this bashing!

  8. stop talkin and eat the cearel

  9. I like cereal n n n stuff so so so yeah eat cereal P.S. im at school right now hehehehehehehhehehehe i like cheez!!!!!!!!

  10. yeah kayla gurl yeah!

  11. DRUGIE!!!

  12. fruity n coco pebbles are the bestestest!!!

  13. yeah tasha yeah!!!