Cereal Wednesday Episode XII: Fruity Pebbles

As iconic as the Flintstones were, they’re popularity continues to live on not only by retro items but also through the syndication of cable and satellite cartoon channels. The popularity of Fruity Pebbles has been fairly consistent despite a number of formula changes and variations of the cereal over the years. The cereal is extremely sweet and high in sugar content even though one of the recent recipie changes was the inclusion of Polydextrose as a sugar substitute. The flakes themselves soak up the milk, releasing their colors into the pure whiteness and contaminating it quicker than most other cereals. They also have a low saturation rate and tend to sog out quickly. Although Fruity Pebbles is “fruity”, there really is no actual fruit listed in its contents, so everything is artificial.

Marketing for Fruity Pebbles rarely included the cereal’s namesake. In fact, most of the time it was Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble in a variety of situations where Barney tries to trick Fred out of his Fruity Pebbles. These commercials were the norm of the time and were very similar to the Trix Rabbit commercials. Here are two examples of Fruity Pebbles marketing, the first one is from the 1980’s and the second one is a 2007 commercial with redesigned Flintstones:

While the characters are classic, the marketing is fun, the cereal just becomes a soggy mess way too fast for me.

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  1. Reese Elder says:

    I have had Fruity pebbles before and they are way too sweet for me and i cant finish the milk leftover afterwards cause its way to sweet.

  2. I loved Fruity Pebbles as a kid, and still do. I happen to like what it does to the milk after the cereal is gone.

    Apple Jacks used to be one of my favorites, and the milk was the best after the cereal is gone. But it isn’t like that anymore. What the heck did they do to it?

  3. The Fred and Barney commercials are very funny


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