Cereal Wednesday Episode X: Valentine’s Day Special K

While most people do not consider cereal an important part of Valentine’s Day, it is in fact an integral part to the morning after. Special K with Red Berries is actually a very tasty cereal. The dehydrated strawberries they use remind me of the astronaut ice cream I would get as kid. Combined with the flakes that are toasted and comprised of rice and wheat, it is in fact quite tasty. The sweetness is undoubtedly derived from the berries, and although it turns your milk pink, is a nice taste difference as opposed to the standard blandness of the original Special K.

Special K was introduced in the 1970’s and was marketed heavily towards women as one of the first “diet” cereals. Since it is marketed primarily to adults, there is no iconic mascot associated with Special K. Through the years there have been a number of Special K variations that have come and gone, but the base cereal has remained the same.

Cereal Wednesday Bowls:

For more information you can visit the Official Special K website.


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  1. […] bag the way it was sealed. I’ve had dehydrated items in cereal before, such as in the case of Special K With Red Berries, which really was not bad at all. The cereal really just tasted like another bowl of Life Cereal. […]